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  1. How about this description added by the owner to the long description of a cache page: Last time I was in [the cache location's town], I couldn't find this cache, but other people have since, so I can't give any more hints. I do not know when the listing was modified, but wonder why the "found it" logs remain, even though the owner DNF'ed it. (GCN680)

  2. We always return on another day and at a different time of day, and use the GPSr to "find" our own hide, and see what happens.

    You should contact the two finders, and see if they have recorded the coords, compare them to each other, then re-check for yourself. If they need changing edit the listing, to have your reviewer change them.

  3. I travel quite far usually in a week. I maintain (using poi and waypoints) about 5000 caches in my GPSr. Some days when I travel I have no time for caching, other days I find an extra few hours, and "need" to have quick access to a cache list. I use a large selection of PQ each week to maintain the list in the GPSr (I never realy know where I'll be when I have the time). If a state (or in my case Province), was generated each week, then the "load" on the PQ server would be a LOT less. I wonder how many others generate 20 PQ's a week to get their "state".

  4. Just today, while out on a Hunt my 13 year old daughter, and caching partner, said " I wonder what we would be doing if we did not discover caching". This adds more to the sport than can be relayed here...

  5. I see I did set waypoints at all the major turns in the last one I did. I had used the auto route, but then changed the route to suit my needs by adding additional waypoints and redoing the route.


    When I just tried to use the auto-route alone, the resulting GPX file was just a crow fly route (when viewed in Google Earth anyway).


    Bottom line is: Set waypoints at any turns or curves that would make a crow fly route miss your desired results, then M/S will work fine.

  6. GSAK will retain exsiting child waypoints for a cache, even after you have loaded a new PQ entry for it. It might have been that you loaded a GPX query from the cache page while logged in (hidden waypoints will be included for YOU alone this way), and then later loaded the PQ. I have seen exactly this happen to one of my first caches with a hidden waypoint.

  7. First Geocaching ready means that you can use the cache box symbol, and mark them as found for easy tracking, and later logging.


    I have the Legend CX, Topo and Metro maps for all the areass I travel loaded, 500 Caches onboard, and 5200 POI waypoints including caches, hints, and child waypoints.


    Love it

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