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  1. I use the Garmin GPS10x (bluetooth-SirfIII) with the T|X, Garmin MobileXT mapping (uses same maps as MY Etrex CX), cachemate on the palm, and GSAK on the PC.
  2. My Legend CX reports way smaller EPE, than the GPS 10X (Sirf3, bluetooth-->palm) ever does. The GPS10X is always closer to the mark though. The math in the units that calculate the EPE is very different!
  3. the maps are stored under "Garmin" on the Sd card, gmapsup.img, save and change it at will.
  4. Clear path to the sky, and angle of view to the horizon are the biggest factors, so mountains, better at the top, worse in the valleys.
  5. Based on my eTrex, alone, I think you can scroll to the unit, and change it to feet, among other units.
  6. If you "see" a WAAS correction sat, then ALL sats will have correction data applied to them. The correction factors incluse errors from the sats themselves, drift, and delays caused by "earth bound" factors. The "D" shows that that sat has a correction applied to its signal. If you can not "see" a WAAS sat, then NO corrections are applied to ANY sat signal. Having WAAS turned on, with out getting correction data, will have NO effect on the other sats.
  7. Mach2003

    New Site Bugs

    And if you click on the nice little spinner, you get to see the caches for... Seattle. And thanks for the updates, too. The site looks way better now
  8. Mach2003

    New Site Bugs

    I think the "Description By" line should just be removed! For our caches, we post the "a cache by" name as we want it, currently the Description by" item always says "Mach2003" see GCY452 for example.
  9. Use the tracking number from your purchased TB, encode it on the bus, in a place a cacher will find it, and never release the actual tag.
  10. What are you using to create the CacheMate PDB file?
  11. I have the Legend CX, and use Canada Topo for caching. (<== see my home town) I also have Metro Canada, usefull for finding gas or lunch when not near home. If you want just roads, and the whole contenent, then get Metro North America V8. The difference is that both Metro Canada, and Topo Canada are complete in your purchase price, Metro N/A requires unlock codes for the region(s) you want to purchase, and restricts the number of GPS units that you can use it with. Both Canada products are based on (the same) 2004 map data, so there are some inaccuracies: The connector goes right through Kentucky Lake, for example, but are very reliable otherwise. Both maps auto route on road. There are also a couple of glitches around here, where the unit just shuts itself off, because of a mapping error, when ever you pass through the "magic" line. This is not a major issue (at least right now), as there are no caches near one of these spots, that I have found. Email me, if you want to see these two maps on the unit itself!
  12. go here : http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/
  13. Bought for back road, and hiking navigation. Saw caching on the unit itself, looked it up, never turned back.
  14. Garmin Nroute will read your GPSr and "speak" driving directions on the laptop. Be carefull, as laptops break, when placed against the dash or floor at 60 mph.
  15. The second file "wpts" contains any marked additional (child) waypoints that relate to the first file. It is in a second file so you can choose to use it or not.
  16. Quite a while ago, I posted a find, when I wanted to write note, on a previously found cache. When I looked at it a few mins later I noticed my mistake, and corrected the eror. Strage thing was my count stayed correct through the whole incident. Made me think that double finds were discarded by GC.COM. Perhaps the site was just a bit behind in updating the stats.
  17. I would still venture that you could get it down to fewer that 12 PQs to cover the area by using some of the filters to search for the types of caches you are likely to go find. ... I see your point Markwell, But I do like to do 1/1 and 4/2 and 2/4. I may get a call (like I did today) to travel to Vancouver right now! While I am there for a couple of days, I will be working 8 to 4, and caching 4-8 (lol). I will have time for a hike, and I might have time for a quick LPC too (during lunch). And if you want to try your experiment using Vancouver or Victoria as the center, your results will be very different. By the way, while on the coast this week, I may get a call to travel to Cranbrook, same rules. And then I will be out there on the weekend, and can choose how long it takes to get home, and what route I will take. I load my Palm from GSAK, so I have the cache pages with me, and besideds traditional's love multi's, question to answer, etc... By the way, I was only posting an answer to Miragee as to WHY I used more than one PQ, not as to why they should be larger. IMO PQ's and therefore GC.com would be a lot faster if I could get MY PQ list in a single file, rather than a bunch of them. One should also consider the amount of time it takes GC.COM to feed me pages to confirm archive status too. That being said, I have no compalint with the existing size of the PQ's, it works for me the way it is. Edit to add: I use a weekly PQ group, not a daily one. I almost never run the same PQ twice in a week.
  18. I travel a lot, and realy never know where I will be going. I keep GSAK full of all the caches within my travel area, so I always have caches where I end up. I do end up with a few stale ones, because it takes 4 PQ a day for 4 days to cover the area. PS: the date filter takes this down to 12 PQ instead of 16!
  19. Without the reviewers, caches *WOULD* be placed in places that should never have a cache, restricted areas, railway tracks, highway bridges...
  20. You can adopt 'your' bugs, go here: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/
  21. Any mini USB car adaptor will work just fine.
  22. Here is another one, that runs on your PC, using the "my finds" PQ. (Get your own CacheStats at www.logicweave.com) I use it, I just don't post the resluts directly to my profile.
  23. Interested in an X30, but have not decided yet, will let you know soon.
  24. That I did, but would GC notice this change? Or would someone be able to put another cache very near the NEW hide? (and still not be able to be near the OLD hide).
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