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  1. Probably because lots of caches had been in place for years before there were favorite points. Not that many people went back through their old finds to award points. But it was a good way to skew statistics to try to "prove" his point. Mr. Scott, I invite you and your friend rosebud to "prove" me wrong. Please show all the distributions you wish of favorite recognitions. You have a cache published on 9/4/2007 with 1 favorite out of 275 finds, and you would seem to be considerably better than average. Your 2/16/2010 cache has 1 favorite for 148 finds, and as I said, you're pretty swell. What point are you trying to "prove" with your many maps and charts of geocaching adventures? All these awards and medallions remind me of North Korean Generals who emblazon their uniforms with garish gold medals, all the way down both sides of their dress jacket and trousers. And here I thought they hadn't fought a battle since the 1950's. Your collective bullying here in this forum pretty solidly confirms what I was saying about the clique, and the class warfare. That has escaped just about every one of you. And that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost Here is a new word to add to your geocaching class warfare. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=geocide I think you already hit the nuke button.
  2. Sorry, I did not see your post. I am very confident with Groundspeak reviewers. I do know that they are voulnteers but are asked to be reviewers, so it is an honor to be one. Thank you for you volunteer work here in the forums and as a reviewer. You do a great job.
  3. I am guessing the latter. I just read you forum signature. I don't work on Wall Street or consider my uniform dressing in drag, but I am expected to act accordingly even when picking up trash in the parking lot where I work. I'm sure all of this has brought negative attention to the bike shop. And if it makes a difference I do have a geocache placement at my place of employment but it is not advertisement.
  4. That cache had a short, weird history. If we could see the deleted posts, it would be even weirder. It's nice to meet a CO at a cache. It's unusual to go to a cache and end up in a "spirited debate" with the CO about Groundspeak's rules. Someone needs to chill - that's a statement of concern for another human being. As another comment said, making a relaxing game stressful can lead to health issues including heart attacks. It sounds like from the reviewers note that the cache page was an exchange of words that needed deleted. But this part here Why was the cache published in the first place if it did not meet guidelines or did the CO change/alter the listing after it was published. From reading the cache page and reviewers notes I would guess that the CO owns the bike shop and was using their geocache as advertisement for their business. There is more to the story but I just don't understand the part about premium members and Groundspeak making money unless they wanted some free advertisement, and the part about premium members makes no sense to me. Is that because I am a basic member?
  5. This may exlpain the dislike of premium members and reviewers. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4N7DV_the-bike-trail-not-taken
  6. Does the OP me Welfare and nor Warfare? Hit little red X and go stand in the cheese line and wait for a handout.
  7. If you don't have a phone to scan it then don't pay any attention to it. If you do have a phone to scan it then don't pay any attention to it. There is another geocaching site that has QR codes that can be scanned by their GPS units and you don't need a smartphone. That M word game is a parasite and can be found in geocaches without the owner knowing about them.
  8. I got to meet two Groundspeak lackeys at a mega event in Kentucky. Both were very much the avid geocachers and working hard at the event. That is where we got the coordinates for the lab caches. I just wanted to say thanks to Lackey Larry and Ranger Fox for their hard work.
  9. I gave the intro app a try but soon deleted it, it is the kiddy pool geocaches and did not interest me. About the confirmed email, anyone consider that new members may not want contacted and advised? What kind of advise do you give someone that stomped down a flower bed and logged NM or NA on a geocache they could not find? Also do I really want advertisers contacting me? Maybe the do, I should check my spam folder more often.
  10. TB's have all but disappeared from the game. Three years ago when another company attempted to compete with Groundspeak with their own site made up mostly of gc geocaches and no way to log TB's. It has had to have an effect on geocaching and TB's. The other site has smartphone apps too, so don't let all of the blame fall on gc. Gc has real reviewers and moderators, the othe site don't, so big difference but same game same contents.
  11. Terms of Use Minors. Our services are not targeted towards, nor intended for use by, anyone under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, you are not permitted to use our services. If you are under the age of 18 but at least 13, you may only use our services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by this Agreement. Hopefully Floridabiker1's parent/guardian is aware of his/her geocaching activities and can guide and explain the responsibilities of cache ownership. It is nice to see that FB1 has disabled the cache. Saves future geocachers from wasting time and gas money. I viewed the users profile and thought it was a supervised account, guess I was wrong. I only have two listings on this account and was questioned both times I submitted a cache for review if I could maintain it by the local reviewers. I had to explain to the reviewer that I am not new to geocaching but this is my new account that I use. We also have a family account that agreed to supervise this account. As another member stated in this thread, I may not be old enough to vote yet but I am old enough to drive a car.
  12. Try google and enter ashton mehrle and warhammer 40k. Sure he is selling.
  13. Yes he is selling, but I'm not buying it. Just google ashton mehrle and warhammer 40k or keep guessing.
  14. Oh no T.D.M.22, you used the p-word in the frog's forum! To the OP. What you are suggesting we are already doing on other geocaching sites. We have QR codes and other means to verify that you have visited the cache. There are more than a few ways to do this. It's just that you have never found or hidden a geocache or posted in the forums but claim that geocaching is the greatest game on earth. That is just a little too hard to believe. I could contact you through the email address that you provided but you seem too new to geocaching for me to introduce you to my gamer clan. A7X.
  15. Well, there is nothing wrong if you do. We gave it a try and it is good for a beginner that wants to try out geocaching before investing in a GPS unit. It may look messy here to you, but things are fine here. That is why we have the off-topic and Platinum members only forums, sorry I intruded. Carry on. You just HAD to mention the Platinum forums, didn't you!? Really. What's next, our secret handshake?
  16. I want to hide a few hundred film canisters 0.1 mile apart with a 1/1 D/T rating and list them as puzzle caches that form the shape of a Moon Pie with wings and call it the when Moon Pie's Fly power trail.
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