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  1. 2 minutes ago, Goldenwattle said:

    Absolutely appropriate. I have a TB that I was given when attending a MEGA and I have kept it for that purpose. I was visiting it to every cache I visited, often adding photographs. Unfortunately I have found, after 10,000 cache finds, it gets very slow to navigate through my visits, so now I don't add them all, and have gone back and deleted some of my visits. Sad that, but it became too slow.

    Thanks for the info. But what do you mean when you say "it gets very slow to navigate through my visits". 

  2. 11 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:


    You didn't include the Reference number so we get what you're saying .   Do not type the tracking code here.

    Does it say "collectible" on the trackable's page ?  When you go to log it, what are your options ?  Thanks.    :)

    Tracables page: This is not a collectible

    log options:

    Grab it from current holder. (which is the owner)

    Write a note

    Discovered it

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    How long has it been in the location you picked it up from? You can grab it from the person who currently has it, then continue logging as usual. But I would check first to make sure they hadn't just dropped it. 


    From The Help Center:


    Log the trackable promptly

    Trackables are like hot potatoes, they don't want to stay in one person’s hands too long!

    If you pick up a trackable that is not logged into the inventory of the cache you find it in, be considerate and give the person who left it there a few days to post their log online. This lets them complete their part of the trackable's journey, and keeps the trackable's travel record accurate.

    Tip: To retrieve or drop trackables in a geocache you own or have already found, choose the log type Write Note.

    It's been in the cache i found it in for just over 2 months. Like i said, i have messaged the owner with no response. looking at owner profile, only 17 finds. Premium member

    Joined 03/19/2016 Last Visited 05/12/2021. Just curios, if i can grab this from the owners hands. What's to stop someone from grabbing a TB they don't even have in their possession?
  4. 2 minutes ago, lee737 said:

    I've had them turn up after a couple of years lost in the wilderness, and found others that had been lost for 5 or more years.... if the original does show you may end up with some confusing logs and confused cachers.... of course it probably won't...... I do like your handiwork.

    Thanks, i had fun making it also. :)

  5. 30 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:


    "Tadpole" used to be the amount of posts.  After ten it should say "geocacher".   IIRC, basic members would say "basic member" there.

    Some of those functions to change custom forum wording still aren't working after an "update" years ago.

    Did you try to log out and back in yet ?  It should say premium member under your avatar.   :) 

    Thanks,It worked. :)

  6. 1 hour ago, msrubble said:

    Go to the listing for that travel bug. If it the one I am thinking, it is “in the hands of” another cacher. One of your logging options is to “grab it” from that cacher. (Under “make a  log entry,” not Actions.) Do it. It should show up as “in the hands of the owner” then.

    thanks for the info. worked perfect. on a different note. i see you have made a lot of posts. I am a Premium Member,  But my Avatar for the postings say Tadpole above my picture and Member below. Would you know why it doesn't say  Premium Member?

    Thanks again for your help.:)

  7. Hi, I just found out that you can release a duplicate TB. My first TB ( Steve Bird ) was released in June 2010 near Monterey Ca. he made his way to Germany, where he traveled quite a bit. He then went missing May 2015. Sadly i don't any pictures of him. So after that being said . I have made a new TB clone, with the words "Revised Travel Bug" on one side and "Tracking Code ######" on the other side, see pictures. Is there a way to get him back into "My Inventory" , so when i drop him into a cache he will show up in the cache inventory?


  8. Pretty much. If you are placing it some distance away you'll want to take it caching locally before moving it down the trail. That way the bug starts close to your location.


    Just look for a friendly cache to place it in and let'er go.


    Make sure to read: Snoogans' Tb Longevity Clinic

    Thanks for the info. I will read Snoogans' Tb Longevity right now :P

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