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  1. Email file to me and I'll make a custom map you can upload to your Garmin. Send to cf-700@hotmail.com
  2. Do as Red90 says...use MapSetToolKit along with cGPSMapper. I made a video that plays in Windows Media Player showing how to use MapSetToolKit to install the 00001295.img file you are working with. BTW it works in the latest version of Mapsource. Install img into Mapsource Video
  3. Custom Map Making Tutorial I have created a video tutorial that uses Cypherman's Mapset Toolkit and genTYP...very nice front ends for cGPSMapper...making it real easy to make and install maps with custom color trails into Mapsource. The zip file contains a video that plays in Windows Media Player showing how to make a transparent map from Garmin track files using GPSMapEdit, cGPSMapper, MapsetToolkit and genTYP. Included in the zip file is a READ_ME_FIRST.txt file that has step by step text instructions to follow along with the video. Creating Custom Garmin Maps from Google Earth Maps Here's a video tutorial that plays in Windows Media player to get you started making basic maps by tracing map features in Google Earth and then making and installing the map into your Garmin GPS. Uses the same software as in the Map Making Tutorial above. Creating Custom Garmin Maps from Google Earth Maps II Tutorial 2....adding more detail to the previous Tutorial map....roads, airstrip, resort and parking lots. Once you learn the basics you can add all the detail you want to your maps. Uses the same software as in the Map Making Tutorial above.
  4. 32x32 (RGB color mode) then Save As... a bmp 24 bit
  5. Quick example how to make a TYP file for your fishing area...three patterns in blue (can be made any color though) Download video file here then play it in Windows Media Player.
  6. Google .dbf you should be able to find plenty of info. I have not used MapCenter to create any of my maps, but from what I undertand you can get routable maps compiled there. I think the best would to make a non-transparent background map from the Tiger data and add any "new" roads from other sources.
  7. Prolly the easiest would be to edit the .dbf file in Excel...using search and replace for the road names...replacing the names with the names from your 911 map. Alternately you could do the same by opening your .mp file created by GPSMapEdit in Notepad doing a search and replace of road names. Unless you have the expensive routing version of cCPSMapper you'll have to compile the map at MapCenter There are several tutorials on the net for making custom maps...Google custom Garmin maps. I don't have any experience with TomTom.
  8. You could use the Tiger shapefile for Rock County and modify the road labels using your 911 road names. Rock County is not that large and wouldn't take too long to do the editing.
  9. It would be the All lines. I took a look at Rock County and the roads are not 911 labeled so this is of no use for your project...they evidently haven't gotton to Rock County to do an update.
  10. Make a custom map using US Census Bureau Tiger/Line Shapefiles for the county you live.
  11. You'll not only need the Setup Disk you also need the 25 digit unlock code.
  12. see Map Setup Information Page in your users manual...page 41 essentially press the Menu button again on the Information menu for turning whole mapsets on or off
  13. not a cross section....but you could layer polygons to give a somewhat representation of one example of 3 layered solid polygons... (way out of scale for demo purposes) example of 3 layered semi-transparent polygons... (way out of scale for demo purposes)
  14. Map created from NC Natural Heritage Significant Areas shapefile...overlaying Topo US 2008
  15. See chapter 7 in the cGPSMapper manual for info on custom type files. For ease of working with typ files get a copy of GenTYP (freeware). I made the above patterns in a graphics program and imported them into GenTYP.
  16. You need to make your polygons semi-transparent using custom typ... Here's a couple of examples of semi-transparent ploygons using a variety of patterns displayed over Topo US 2008....these are in white but can be colored any color you want.
  17. I tried to download this but cannot find it anywhere now. I tried a second installation and still nothing. I also tried downloading the .NET program just in case that might have been the problem. However I got a message saying that that version is incompatible with a version that is already on my computer. It then stopped that installation. Any idea where I can look for sports track? As far as I can tell it's not listed in the programs that I get to via the start menu. You'll find it under Start...All Programs...Zone Five Software...SportTrack 2.0...SportTrack You already have a more current version of .NET installed
  18. One more demo...making a 5 pixel wide arrow head in Paint.NET and importing it into GenTYP. Arrowhead Video Demo
  19. I use Paint.NET (free graphics program) to make .bmp files to be imported into GenTYP to make custom lines and polygons. Making up the desired pattern is real easy using a graphics program. In the case of the following video demo I created a 32 x 3 pixel image to design a dashed line to be imported into GenTYP. download file and play it in Windows Media Player Dashed Line Video Demo
  20. Quick way to get your canoe route to GPS: scan map to jpg open image as an overlay in Google Earth setting transparency to allow GE to show through use grab handles to position jpg properly over GE background map use Add Path tool to draw over canoe route save created path as .kml convert .kml to your GPS file format using GPsBabel upload canoe track file to your GPS (or if you have a Garmin GPS create a transparent map from the track file)
  21. You can not overlay two maps in Mapsource. If your "trail track map" is not too extensive you could trace the trails with the Track Draw Tool then view the resulting track file by changing over to your Topo map.
  22. Opening multiple instances of Mapsource will do nothing for the OP.
  23. Follow the directions in the READ_ME_FIRST.txt file that was included in the zip file.
  24. Did you read the READ_ME_FIRST.txt file included in the zip file? This is a map not track files. You upload the map to your GPS just as any other Garmin map.
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