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  1. If you're sure you had it locked in Landscape mode I would take a short video clip of you setting the unit to "Landscape Mode" and then immediately show the unit acting up. Send the video to the Montana beta team and let them take a look.


    With the unit in Landscape lock it simply shouldn't act the way you're describing.


    I'll do that and report back.

  2. I have my Montana 600 mounted to the handlebar riser on a snowmobile and encountered a problem I never had with any other GPS (GPS lll Plus, 176, 276c and 620)I've run on sleds. At idle the unit vibrates slightly causing the map to spin. If I hold the unit solid or shut the machine off..no spin. I was thinking maybe the vibration was causing the units sensor to try switch between landscape or portrait but locking it into landscape didn't help.


    Anyone else run into this?

  3. Edit startup.txt in Garmin folder to display a custom message on bootup screen....I put my name and phone number in case I lose my GPS and someone would want to contact me. I gave it a 30 second pause to give plenty of time to read...the pause can be overridden by touching the screen.


    Although it says "Put your message on the next line", you can use multiple lines. I've put my name on the first line and phone number on the second, so it doesn't get split in an inappropriate place.


    up to 5 lines/40 characters per line (including spaces) will display properly in the portrait position.

  4. Edit startup.txt in Garmin folder to display a custom message on bootup screen....I put my name and phone number in case I lose my GPS and someone would want to contact me. I gave it a 30 second pause to give plenty of time to read...the pause can be overridden by touching the screen.







    Better to save them to the data card than what? Does it involve that save button and then having to cut the lines later?

    I haven't seen my manual in 3 years, I have no idea where it is.


    Google "log track to data card"


    Most manufactures have manuals for their products online. Download it from Garmin's site. The next thing to do is study it.


    I modified the 3D Arrow from Garmins website. Once you convert the .srf file to a .png all you need is Gimp to edit the .png and then convert it back to a .srf using the converter. The converter can be found here: http://techmods.net/nuvi/


    All you need to know when you look at the .png is that there are two rows of images. The images on top are shown in Automotive mode (3D), and the images on the bottom are shown in track-up/north-up modes (2D). I've been experimenting with colors and sizes. If you make the pointer too small it becomes difficult to see. I've been trying to come up with a decent transparent pointer but again, without the solid color it's hard to see. What would be nice is a hollow pointer so you can see the exact location where the track is being drawn but I've not been able to come up with a design that I really like.


    by hollow pointer do you mean like these?






















    I am well aware of how to change mapsets using the method you posted. The problem on my side is that my CN is on an SD card. My topos are the free ones from GPSfiledepot. I cannot move my CN maps to Mapsource. That would allow me to cut a blend of CN and the topos to send to the 60csx. My only option is have two separate SD cards.


    Use GmapTool to combine the two gmapsupp.img files.

  8. Trying to decifer German makes my head hurt. It looks like a smaller black arrow to me. I was hoping to stumble accross some crosshairs or some hollowed out triangles. Something to allow me to see my exact location a bit more precisely instead of knowing that I'm under that big dumb triangle somewhere.


    Something like this: Crosshair or Compass


    You don't need to decipher German...just look at the pictures...several will do what you are looking for...if you see something you like download the attached file.


    site freeday pointed you to...


  9. I never could figure out how to run CN and Topos at the same time. The only thing I could figure was to have two SD cards. The one that is not in use is stored in a small bison tube that is tied to the 60's lanyard.


    Would be nice to have both on one card though.


    Have you read your manual? Page 45? Covers what was said in posts 2 and 8 in this thread.





  10. Sequence to change map name using GMapTool GUI version.


    Create a working folder and put the original Korea OSM gmapsupp.img file in it.


    Start GMapTool


    Add gmapsupp.img making sure it is highlighted




    Split the gmapsupp.img file making appropriate entries.




    Add the img files that were split out of the gmapsupp making sure only they are highlighted




    Write making appropriate entries




    Join making appropriate entries




    will now show like this on the map information page on GPS




    AHHHHH! If there is one thing I fear it is clowns. If there is something I fear more than clowns it is Death. If I fear anything more than clowns and death is is spiders. If I fear anything more than clowns, death and spiders it is DOS. I fear command lines because I was born with a one button mouse in my hand. is there a tutorial or something?


    GMT command line text instructions



    Create a working directory and place gmapsupp.img, gmt.exe in it.

    Command prompt sequence to rename map name with GMT...in Windows. Same in Mac???

    Once you split the gmapsupp create a list.txt file with file names of maps to join ie as in illustration below 63240001.img - 63240002.img etc and place in working directory before you run the gmt -j (join command)




    OSM original Korea map name in Garmin GPS




    OSM modified name Korea map in Garmin GPS




    I have a Dakota 20. As for map set I generated one map of Korea and another of Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. But the GPS sees them but they have the same name under enable/disable maps in the dakota 20 control panel. When I download it from OSM it is a .img file which is already compiled, correct?


    Was the filename for each of the maps (Korea, Turkey etc) you downloaded named gmapsupp.img?

  13. Use Mapsource and a detailed map.


    If you don't have Mapsource/detailed map...


    Get a copy of Mapsource using this link as a guide.


    Get a free detailed topo map which includes Colorado using this link


    Install Mapsource and the Topo map.


    Start Mapsource.


    Go to the lake where you are gonna plot your GPS locations.


    Optional...In Mapsource click Edit tab...Preferences...Position...change Datum.


    Click Edit tab...New Waypoint...type in a name...choose a symbol...edit position..click OK


    Do the same for the remaining locations...now that you have one waypoint entered you will only have to edit a few digits for the remaining locations.


    When done save it.


    You can then upload the waypoint file (and the Topo map too if you want) to your GPS.


    Screenshot showing a sampling I entered into Mapsource....



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