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  1. When it comes to milestone caches, I like to fine something different, exciting or otherwise memorable. On sundayit will be time to find such a cache so I am looking for suggestions of caches which i'll remember as a great cache. As reference, past milestones include: GC11FYE Toyota Celica..... GCYW28 Cold War in Oxfordshire (sorry for the lack of links, not easy doing this onthe iPod) One thought is "You're havin a laugh" but distance may come i to play. Any suggestions within that kind of distance of Oundle (nr Peterborough) would be welcome. Thanks Chris
  2. I know this strays slightly off topic but could someone tell us how to send fields notes from GSAK to geocaching.com? I know you can do it from programs like the iPhone app but didn't know it was possible from GSAK.
  3. I've only ticked off 33 so far so need more time. I would consider taking on part of the series but don't know I can stretch to them all. If it comes to it I could say I'll adopt the northern loop. That said, I hope it doesn't come to that and that they all stay for the forseeable future!!
  4. hiya mate....cheers for that....we over in kettering so not far from you...prob be making our way over your way soon for some caching out of our area My parents (Cassie's Crusaders) are in Oundle so if you need any help, i'm sure they'd help. I'm back regularly so might see you around one day.
  5. Just watched that on ITV Player (broken up and jerky as it was). Very nice, definatly looking forward to it and already emailed the Bus Shelter website to ask about placing a cache there
  6. I was only thinking about Ewan the other day. So sorry to hear about this turn. Thinking of them all.
  7. Before she finally saw the light I described my other half (Bambeanie) to Mrs B at an event and we came up with the name 'Reluctant Other' as she didn't mind a walk or watching me cache but wasn't really into it. So maybe they are The Reluctant Others
  8. FTF Hound - Just can't help themselves when a new cache pops up!
  9. Thank you for all the various suggestions. Talking all of them on board and i'm in the process of adding them all to a map to aid planning. See my new Google My Map here
  10. The natives are coming!! How exciting!! It'll be great to see you up there! I/we may just take you up on your offer of help and information. In fact, i'll open the discussion: - What would be the 'must sees' of a trip to Shetland? Welcome to the forums and again, well done on your first cache.
  11. Right, all done! Ferry booked for the sunday night and a bed to sleep in too (that an improvement to the bench I slept on in Penzance on the way to last years event!!) If you are looking to book the ferry and want a shared cabin to save money: If the website doesn't show the shared cabin option then give them a call (0845 6000 449) as there seems to be a difference between their site and the actual availability. I phoned and got what I wanted straight away!! paganfrog: If you fancy a trip to Aberdeen on the Monday morning (between 7am & about 10.30am), you are more than welcome to take a saunter through my coins and join me for a couple of caches. I know its not exactly round the corner, but the offer is there.
  12. I'm really interested in these so posting so I can watch this thread!! Looking forward to seeing the designs you come up with and i'm starting to look at my avatar to see how that could look.....! I assume inlay would be charged as an extra..?
  13. I use a eTrex Vista HCX and am more than happy with it. A friend has the 60csx and to be honest, I prefer mine. The size of the 60 is a negative from my point of view. The external aerial of the 60 has never proved its advantage over my internal receiver The menu system is the same however the interaction is different. Again, I prefer the one hand use of the etrex and even my friend preferred using the cursor stick (on the etrex) over the cursor button on the 60. For the extra you pay for the 60, I really can't see its advantage! However with the new touch-screens thrown into the arena, its a difficult one. I've not had practical use of either the Oregon or Colorado.
  14. I really don't think there will be any stakeouts! No-one has any idea when these caches went missing as they claim to have done some of them months ago. Not sure anyone has the time to sit there until June to see what happens! Also can't make them virtuals as they are no longer accepted on GC.com. With the phrase 'any publicity is good publicity' in mind, this thread could just encourage them!
  15. I hope you don't mind if I self-ding. I'm out for the rest of the day so if someone gets this then do carry on without me. For this one, I would like to find the name of the Virtual Cache shown.
  16. Thought I was going to come in with a record, but Primitive Person just pipped me. Mine are all within 14.1Km (8.7miles). Reduced considerably in the last couple of months by the publication of the 2 UK Mega series.
  17. It's not very far from Google Falls GCMEY7 Ah, now i deddit! Free Wifi (GCM00W)
  18. That depends what we're supposed to google, i've tried various things but not turning much up. Then I was never any good at this treasure hunting lark....
  19. Right! All go for me!!! Booked flights so will be arriving, by plane (in case you hadn't guessed ) on Tuesday (23rd) at about 11:15am. I'll be around the Shetlands until Sunday night (28th) when i'll hop on the ferry back to Aberdeen (from where i'll fly home at lunchtime). Just to decide if its worth paying £27 for a cabin on the ferry!? 14 hrs - me thinks so! (Log as previously posted on gc.com. Reposting here so 'possibles' realise that others will actually turn up!) I'm certainly up for car sharing but it would only be the Shetland bit. Sadly I can't stay longer due to commitments at home which also rules me out of the 3 peak events
  20. How disappointing. Seems their version of Cambridgehire only stretches as far as Huntingdon!
  21. I don't think they'll stay PM for too long. We;re just waiting to see how it all pans out as we don't want to let these people win, but also don't want to loose all our containers!
  22. The reply from Groundspeak is pretty much what i'd expected to hear. The only thing is if these 'other accounts' they mention are linked to the email email address it would be a fair assumption that the accounts could be used maliciously. Anyway, POSITIVE NEWS: I've replaced Identical Twins (GC16MHW). I will continue to do this is they take it again as I won't let them think that they are winning. As for overall cost of this cache, its minimal. Its local, 20p for some magnets, a film pot and some strips of paper. I have to agree with what was said that the empty map gives the impression of success. We'll see what happens.....
  23. Yes but they would all have the same IP Address, if from same computer!! Most ISPs charge extra for a static IP. My understanding is that it can change everytime you log onto to the internet.
  24. See posts above, all too spread out to be kids.
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