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  1. I know what I need to say, but don't know the name of the patterns. Never been into that kind of thing...?!!
  2. 'Geocaching' was supposed to be for Internet - Not curtains.... Doh!
  3. I see what you mean and will look into it. The effect I was hoping for was a web page that had an up-to-date comparison that Updated itself via some kind of script or query. I guess if i go with the kml system I would have to update manually?
  4. I've started a Travel Bug race with my parents and I was wanting to create my own web page showing the race as it goes. Is there any ways or coding that can extract mileage and location information from the geocaching website that can be incorporated into my own site? If so, is this allowed under the website rules with or without a reference/copyright notice? Any help would be much appreciacte! Chris (Bambography)
  5. From home its a lazy 0.86km (GCQYKA). From where i'm currently sat - About 300m (GCR1G8)!! I really should just get out there and do them one lunchtime!
  6. Bring back Google! The Mapquest mapping here for the UK is usually missing the roads unless viewed on the linked mapquest page. Google was fine for locating the area that a cache was in, and I mainly used it for seeing what other caches were in the area. Many people seem to like MapQuest for getting them to the cache, but correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't that what the GPS in thier hand is for?
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