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  1. Forgot to pop back and say thanks for the quick fix!
  2. Generally yes. I too listen to those listed in your post but a UK based podcast would be good! Just ensure it isn't cheesey, tacky, twee or too amiture. I'm unlikely to listen if it isn't available on iTunes. This is the way all my podcasts are downloaded and TBH, i'm likely to forget about it if it isn't automatic! Monthly sounds like a good frequency to start with. This doesn't tie you down too much and gives you a chance to reflect on and regulate the amount of time you spend on it. Maybe it'd be worth discussing thoughts on features, ideas, regular segments and (more importantly) what input you'd like from the community. That way we can give you input/email/audio from the word go and Show #1 can start as you mean to go on.
  3. Something i've just noticed is that when I view the Google map of the area i'll be in for a 10 Years! event on Sunday is that the event itself has disappeared. I'm certain it was there before so assume that the change of cache type from 'Event' to '10 Years Event' has caused this...?!? I've had a quick look at a couple of others around the UK and this seems to be the case with them all. (I don't think this has been mentioned elsewhere but since i'm rushing out the door to work i've not had time for a proper search. If there is already a thread then a passing Mod is welcome to close this.)
  4. Agreed. (Plus I was on it a couple of weeks back . I find it very easy to listen to, very high quality and fun. I've not heard of any UK based shows. Other options are: The Geocaching Podcast Cachers of the Round Table (A round table discussion show) Geotalk (Australian - Mix of Video & audio) Cache-a-maniacs Icenryes Videozine (Video) None of these match the quality of Podcacher, but all worth a try. I get them downloaded every week (itunes) but don't listen to them all the time.
  5. I agree with most of what has been said. However if then how come they're not all these super inovative & worthy caches you talk of? I'm guilty of hiding a series of Micros, I'm not going to hide it, it's there on my profile. However, since adding this block of Micros around an otherwise fairly cache-free town, a number of cachers have taken up the hobby. I find that in some areas (and we don't know where you live yet..?) that when there is nothing to find, people won't start. There were caches out in the countryside, but sometime people want something close to home when they start out. My first cache was a town centre micro but it gave me the bug straight out. Had it been 3 miles in the countryside I may not have bothered when I didn't know what it was all about. As I said, I do actually agree with most of what has been said and, as it happens, have been thinking the same of late. As such, I have several 'different' caches in development, which won't finish with a film pot or keysafe. I'm looking to buy ammo cans. They probably won't be done in one go, some will, some won't. Either way, i've pledged, once I find my 1000th cache, to hide some interesting, fun and hopefully enjoyable caches! I might even take time to re-explore the afore mentioned town for larger hides, however with a public school all over it won't be easy! Oh, and PS: I agree with the Sock Puppet comments! You are effectively asking for our opinions and thoughts. We're brave enough and honest enough to use our own accounts. Why don't you?
  6. That's exactly the sort of thing I had in mind.... but rather than buy one i was going to use a home made brand... Like Chris, I'd prefer something a bit more handmade looking, so will create my own brand I think. I also need something to apply it to, but think I've found some cheap wooden star shaped discs on line..... watch this space! Does any body know how you go about making your own branding iron? What metal should you use, how would you go about shaping it without it loosing shape when heated?? For now, i've discovered stickers from moo.com. You get 90 for about £5 and each one can be different if you want them to be! They are 22mm square so fit in most log books although they do use up several lines in a micro. I'm really impressed with the quality and would happily recommend them. This is a shot of mine (as featured on Podcacher, which is where the photo is from).
  7. ooh I *do* like a nice bit of CoC! Good of you to chip in Rich!
  8. I recently bought my Scouts the Etrex H for around the £70 mark. They are perfectly adequate and leave you a few pennies to buy some TB's!
  9. Oregon will accept Pocket Queries direct from GC.com and with the field note function, help keep notes for logging when you get home. I looked at Satmap last year at the Outdoor Show (Which is at the end of March & might save you a few bob if you buy there) and can't say that it really impressed me, but that is a personal point of view and not really 'using' it. That was also before I had the Oregon.
  10. I suspect you are referring to to the Crumpler camera pouches which fits the Oregon very well. I've just been back to the original thread and i'm afraid to say that Currys no longer stock this case. I bought one at the time and it was the Lolly Dolly 95, just in case you find it else where. If it's screen protectors that you want then look no further than Zagg invisible shields. I wouldn't use anything else (having done so before)!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear that Wendy. He'll be very much missed! It's strange how a dog can be so widely missed by a community but that just goes to prove how loved he was by anyone that met him and how respected he was for what he did for you! Best Wishes, Chris
  12. I hardly imagined our two 'passing comments' were going to hijack a thread and for that I apologize. It was a good article....!
  13. A good article! Other than having invented it in its current form?
  14. I've been watching with interest however having worked out my annual leave entitlement this year and the costs involved i'm regrettably counting myself out this yet. Its a shame as i've enjoyed the last two extremes and look forward to seeing what extremity you'll visit next year.
  15. Also make sure you know the difference between Miles and Kilometers like I didn't when I typed the above! I pay per MILE and therefore don't owe £59.67 (from the Km) but £37.07 as it would be in miles!
  16. My concept is that if my TB does make a big jump i'll break down the payments over a couple of months. Yes, it'll cost me a little, but its all for charity and if I were to to pay £10 a month, would I really suffer as a result? You do have to make the choice of how much you wish to put it. I initially set a target of 2000 miles which limited my initial payment to £20. (Which nicely reminds me of how much i paid...!) If you do this within your means then people have a goal to aim for and will realise that there is no point it taking it on a 20,000 mile round trip
  17. I've done it too! Several years ago I released 'Rogers Run' who is raising money for a UK, Sport based charity. You can visit him Here My arrangement was that every mile was worth 1p. This means that if it was their biannual 'running' event were today i'd have to put in £59.67. However I paid in on the last event but at this moment in time I can't remember how much (Probably should have posted it in a log to a) remind me, and let everyone know that this is indeed raising money. A lesson for you! This is actually my most successful TB so something about it must work. The only draw back is that it has spent most of its days travelling Europe where no one will know what this specific charity is! I say go for it and the worst that can happen is that it goes missing and you give a nominal amount to charity. [Edited to remove the names of the charity - wouldn't want to benefit anyone eh!]
  18. Happy Christmas to all the newbies joining the fun. If you need help, support, guidance or a drink, i'm in Basingstoke, Hampshire. (And, that is NOT an open invite for everyone to pile round my place!!!)
  19. Anyway, correct me if i'm wrong here: Its my understanding that you can have a PQ delivered straight to your Blackberry email, download the attachment and import it into Cacheberry to view the GPX file. This is exactly what you get in the iPhone app just without the 'save it from email' step.
  20. Thats one PQ then....? On the iPhone you do have to download the caches when in coverage (or wifi for iPod Touch users). As far as i've found, it doesn't automatically download your latest PQ when online. You actually have to go to the PQ (or list as its known in the Groundspeak App) and tell it to download the latest running of the PQ. Then it is stored on the device for when you get out and about. In terms of convenience, all Premium members have access to the same features if they choose to use Groundspeak software on the right devices. This is how business works! If you choose to pay a third-party for their software or hardware and it doesn't quite plug into the Groudnspeak system in the way you want, well that's your choice. Groundspeak are a profit making Business, not a charity that exists to facilitate Geocaching. If they don't have money, the site closes and we all wonder whats on TV. Since getting the App on my iPod touch and winning an Oregon 550 i've not opened GSAK once which is a shame as its a good program, I just don't need it right now. I don't feel i have an edge over anyone, nor do I feel those with an iPhone and connectivity outside the house have an edge over me! If I can't find a cache, i go home and log a DNF. If it'd been disabled, yeah it'll annoy me, but I'll still wake up the following morning, the world will continue to spin, no harm done!
  21. I did it all before we were caching but the trip to Tallin from Helsinki is great. They use it not only as a booze cruise but on the boat we used, a long practice of Ballroom dancing! You get just enough time to have a nice wonder around Tallin Old town, eat a nice lunch and go in and out of some of the churches (we went up the noe nearest the dock - a real experience before they joined the EU!) One thing I wish we'd done in Tallinn would have been to eat at the Medieval Banquet. There maybe one or two of these but the one we found (just after a meal) was just north of the main square. A quick search suggests this is 'Peppersack' and seems to get a good write up: Linky Whether you get to find many caches or not, you'll love the trip! I envy you already
  22. Been falling here in Basingstoke for the last 4 hours now. Thick on the ground and still coming down.
  23. Surely this is all a law of averages!? How many people are in London taking photos of tourist attractions every day and how many of them are actually being stopped? This only becomes big when its a journalist who brings it to the public attention and as they tend to fight for their rights more than tourist, probably don't get treated in the same understanding way as Joe-Tourist who is co-operative. I've regularly taken photos in London, including Whitehall. I've even been watched by groups of officers out the back of a government building in Westminster while taking shots and i've never been stopped yet! I'll not stop taking photos jsut because i might get stopped one day! This is a handy little card made by one of the sites linked to above letting you know your rights:
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