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  1. That is one of the singers, but not the main one.
  2. I can't believe I got it on my first turn. Okay, because the World Cup is starting tomorrow: Who is the lead singer in the official FIFA World Cup song?
  3. We aren't allowed to use the internet right? My guess is "Home of Zulu".
  4. 2 waterfalls in the Limietberg Nature Reserve, South Africa. Not many waterfalls where I live, so this was nice.
  5. Carbon Hunter is correct! Looks like I'm not so good at asking questions...
  6. What flying bird, found in South Africa, is the heaviest?
  7. Let's start with an easy one... Which is the oldest high school in South Africa?
  8. A few more animals I have seen while Geocaching...
  9. I post quite a lot of pictures of my Geocaching adventures. Most of them do not have actual Geocaches in the picture, but just the scenery and views while walking/hiking to a cache. Instagram : riislemmer
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