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  1. The anniversary Sentinel View. It will be it's 13th birthday.
  2. Okay, I'm gonna take a guess and go with 8.
  3. The only street in the world to house two Nobel Peace prizewinners is in Soweto. Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both have houses on which street in Soweto.
  4. 1.) The Mega will take place from 4 - 6 October 2014. 2.) Unfortunately NOT, as I live down here in the Cape.
  5. CrystalFairy got their 1000 on the 10th of November 2007. Tricky Vicky & Mickey got their 1000 on the 18th of May 2007. This team got their 1000 in January 2007.
  6. Which was the first South African Geocaching person/team to reach 1000 finds (finds do not only have to be in South Africa)?
  7. Susurumba Mountain was hidden 22 July '03.
  8. That one was too easy Your turn, Peter.
  9. In which town in South Africa will you find The Owl House?
  10. Oh, didn't know I could use Geocaching.com. Checked on Project-GC which says that there are currently 7 virtuals in SA.
  11. is Hermanus close enough? The suikerbossies have one there! Forgot about that! It would be cool if we had one "CPT", in large letters.
  12. Looks good! We need one in Cape Town
  13. It's either a rhino or an elephant. I'm going with the rhino.
  14. Yes, the city housed South Africa's first stock exchange, the Kimberley Royal Stock Exchange, which opened on 2 February 1881.
  15. Incorrect. Barberton had the first Stock Exchange in Traansvaal.
  16. Wow, my guesses are pretty spot on! In which town/city in South Africa was the first Stock Exchange implemented?
  17. I've maybe played Scrabble once Wild Guess: 6
  18. Another lucky guess! We all know that Jan van Riebeek was born in the Netherlands, and was the founder of the Cape. Where did he die?
  19. Yep. The song is by Pitbull, featuring Claudia Leitte and Jennifer Lopez.
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