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  1. What's with the high amount of cache placements in 2013? The GPS trail perhaps?
  2. Changed mine about 1.5 years after starting. My starting out name was my gamer handle, and seemed a bit childish.
  3. Hey Discombob, I'm keen and available for a hike on the iconic Table Moutnain from the 10th to the 13th of November. Finished with exams so should be able to come through to Cape Town for a day or two. Cheers, Riisearch (Riis).
  4. Jonkershoek is open, but only in certain areas. I will maybe go check the area out in the next week or two, and while I'm there see how some of the caches are doing. For my caches that are on long hikes or high up on the mountains, I will wait and see if anyone posts a "Needs Maintenance" before going up and replacing.
  5. Gonna take a guess and say England vs. Australia.
  6. Thrips gets it! Stands at a whopping 216m! Was lucky enough to jump it last year.
  7. Where is the world's highest bungy jump bridge?
  8. Hey Danie Viljoen, Can you see who has found the most caches within a 1km (or less) of the N1 and N2, between Cape Town and P.E? Thanks, Riis
  9. Namib Desert, Namibia. Beautiful place, so unique!
  10. Kolmanskop - A ghost town in Namibia. It was an amazing experience!
  11. An abandoned zoo located next to the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  12. The event I hosted - it was terrain 5! http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/9e60094b-fac7-4ebf-9d55-f741769abae1.jpg
  13. Seen while hiking on Table Mountain in Cape Town. http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/6e18237b-7838-4f3e-a473-3713508261ee.jpg
  14. http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/bc844d5f-cbbf-4c63-8b5e-ec01f316f741.jpg Me at an earthcache, Table Mountain - Cape Town
  15. I'm 18, started caching when I was 16. I cache 95% of the time with my brother (20), mostly on weekends or holidays. I have found 650 caches, closing in on 2 years. My friends think its a waste of time, as they don't see what the point of it is. I like Geocaching because I also like photography and hiking. I haven't made someone a Geocacher yet, but would like to. Often the people I hike with are the same age as my dad, so it's kinda weird
  16. @cincol - Yes, that's the question @carbon hunter - correct, and you are that person! May I ask what job you do that you can travel so much?
  17. Which Geocacher has cached in the most countries, and how many is it? If you have the correct Geocacher and are within 2 of the amount of countries then it's your turn.
  18. 1.) Traditional 2.) Multi 3.) Puzzle 4.) Letterbox 5.) Earthcache 6.) Wherigo 7.) Event 8.) CITO 9.) MEGA 10.) Lab
  19. Geocheck and Project-GC are both not working. Maybe they are run by the same company?
  20. I've found a condom in one of my caches while doing maintenance, and I have found a pair of sunglasses near to GZ while caching.
  21. 2 years since the last MEGA in South Africa?
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