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  1. The autonav units have touch screen. That makes a huge difference when typing in an address. The screens are generally bigger and a lot brighter. You can actually see all of the written directions on those screens. They have a 3D view of the road which makes it easier to visually see where the unit wants you to go. In big cities, some of those streets are practically on top of each other when viewing the 76CSx. They actually tell you the directions in whatever language you pick rather than just beeping. The usually don't come with the maps on a DVD. After getting the Nuvi 660, I called Garmin and they sent me a DVD of City Navigator 8. If you pay a few extra bucks, $60/year?, you can get traffic data on your compatible autonav unit. It will show slow traffic and offer to route around it. The 76/60 series can hold routes that you've created on your computer. I haven't seen an autonav unit that can have one route with multiple waypoints. The handheld can has a trackback feature. The autonavs don't. The Nuvi 660 can play mp3s and Audible books. The GPSr will stop the music and say the directions, then play the music again. It also can be hooked up to your compatible cellphone. Hands-free calling is always nice. Especially in CA, USA when a new law goes into effect on 7-1-2008 banning driving while holding a cellphone. I can transmit all sounds from the unit to my car stereo.
  2. If your laptop works at home, but not at the hotel, then the hotel is probably blocking certain things. however, if your laptop does not download the PQs from your connection at home, then something is wrong with your computer. If that is the case, you could try and install MSN, reinstall IE, or another browser such as Firefox. P.S. IE should work just fine without MSN isntalled.
  3. It sure does. If you use a quick charge all of the time, it will shorten the life of the battery. NiMH batteries are very susceptible to heat. The faster the charge, the more the heat. All rechargable do best with a slow charge of 8 hours. To learn more about batteries, one could visit Couldn't you use one or two packs of silica in a ziploc bag or airtight tupperware container? That's what I use for my underwater camera housing. They work great. I've never had any condensation. I use to work in a medical laboratory for years before leaving the filed. We would continuously have in-services on our electronic equipment. Some are battery powered. The reps from the companies would always tell us to use only Duracell batteries. At first, I thought their parent company was Duracell...hehe. When I started asking why, they would tell me Duracell has a more even power flow, especially when powering on the equipment. The energizers build up more engery when not being used. So when we would turn on the equipment, they would have a greater immediate discharge then gradually taper off. The Duracells would have a smaller immediate discharge and would quickly even out. They stated that the discharge could affect the machine and/or the test results. I doubt that GPSrs are so sensitive as to suffer damage from using Energizers, but it's worth knowing. All of this information is just FYI. To learn more about batteries, one could visit Batteryuniversity.com.
  4. Hehe. I was going to say, "Were you on the road?"
  5. When you're at home, does your laptop work fine for downloading PQs or are you using a desktop at home for downladoing PQs? Since IE cannot download from an address, can I assume your using web-based email? If not, are you using an IMAP with an email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express? The best thing to use is a VPN service when out on unprotected internet connections. Like fratermus has stated, it will help bypass any blocking that the network might be using.
  6. Well, a human might be easier to find in your Search-N-Rescue missions. I have boughten GPSrs form GPSDiscount.com and never had a problem. I ordered it with free shipping and did not encounter any problems. On the second business day, it was at my doorstep. I know two people that have boughten from them and had the same experience that I did.
  7. I always read about people selling or giving their unlock codes for various map products. However, when I look at my account on Garmin's site, I can see my name and address. I suppose people use fake addresses when unlocking their maps?
  8. You wouldn't happen to have a City Navigator NT v8 DVD would you? Someone I know just bought a Nuvi 660 and it did not come with a disc or Mapsource. I have contacted Garmin and they said that it would cost 15.00 to get a DVD of City Navigator NT v8 shipped to me after calling a 800 number.
  9. Myself and other people I know have boughten from GPSDiscount.com. It's a very small operation, but my friends and myself have gotten brand new, quality products, at a nice price from them. Lightning fast shipping too. If you order from them, you will get a t-shirt with their logo. It's always XXL. If you want to actually wear it, tell them your size.
  10. I think it's a good street unit. It's even better now that it's at Costco for $349.99 +shipping & Tax. Here is one review.
  11. Most devices have their lanyards on the bottom of the unit. With GPS and older GPS chips, reception could be a problem, so they attached the lanyards at the top. I feel that that having the lanyard at the bottom on a unit that encorporates a SiRF III chips is the proper way. If it were to hang it around my neck, it would be right side up when I looked at it. With others, it would be upside down when viewing it around my neck.
  12. See, that's what I don't get. Now when I wake up in the morning, I have to turn on the lights in my house. Also, I get home from work when the sun is higher in the sky. That means I may have to turn on my air conditioner.
  13. Better yet, you would think that a lot of these devices would just get the current time from the airwaves
  14. A lot cars have a locking mechinism for the trunk that will disable the lever inside of the cab. That's why a car owner will receive three keys: two black and one grey. If the black keys are inserted into the trunk lock and rotated the opposite direction, then it will disable the trunk lever in the cab. The grey keys cannot open the trunk regardless.
  15. You can also try updating to the latest software for the GPS and GPS Sensor. Then, reset the unit. Maybe this will help?
  16. Well, I didn't get a $50 rebate. I got a $100 rebate when I bought my 76CSx. I forgot how long it took, but it wasn't as long as most rebates.
  17. Well, I am not sure what problems you are experiencing. Just keep in mind that with the 76CSx, you have to set wether you have installed Alkaline, NiMH, etc batteries. Are you running with the backlight on? That will drain your batteries very quickly. I keep mine off all of the time and I can easily get over 20 hours with 2400 mah NiMH batteries. As far as the compess, make sure you use Bearing Pointer. Have you tried toggling WAAS? Are you holding the compess level? How close are you to the target? The compess seems to point best when I am about 40-50 ft from the GZ. When I get within 18 or so feet and pause, the compess usually starts pointing everwhere. I hope this helps. Either way, I hope the unit isn't broken.
  18. It seems like a good deal. Amazon is not directly selling it. It's from a seller at Amazon Market Place. Make sure they have good feedback. Make sure that it comes with an SD card adapter so you can use it with any memory card reader that supports SD cards. The title has the word "Bulk" in it. I don't know if that means no adapter. Also, I wouldn't buy it if it was used. That just a personal preference of mine. I never buy used memory.
  19. Yeah, Team Sidewinder accidentally posted this thread twice. This one should be deleted.
  20. I believe that each map program can be unlocked and used with two different GPS receivers. After that, you will have to buy additional unlock codes.
  21. This is what I was going to state. I have gotten rebates from OCZ, Linksys, Snadisk, etc. All of them are now in postcard format. They save on paper, postage, and when people throw it away. Due to these types of MIRs, I now have to sort through all of my mail instead of taking the bundle of mail flyers and throwing them out. I don't like having a real check out in the open like that. In the end, it makes me not want to buy something that requires a MIR to get the discount.
  22. IE 7 contains a Phishing Filter. When you go to a site, it checks the site to make sure you are where you think you are. This, too, will add a considerable amount of time for the page to load.
  23. I know the difference. The first link is sold by Amazon. The second link is sold by Beach Audio from Amazon's "Marketplace" With Amazon, you have to REALLY watchout for this type of thing since the text is so small and usually overlooked. I suspect a godd percentage of people think that they are buying something from Amazon when they are not.
  24. Some other people and myself have posted some comments in this forum regarding WAAS. I have a 76CSx. Up until the last firmware/software update, WAAS generally degraded my reading. With WASS on, my compass and LAT/LON would jump around. I did notice that this would happen with the slightest bit of cover over my head or around me. Since the last update, WAAS seems to work as it should. So I leave it on. Another point: If I travel to another part of the world where I cannot get a WAAS satellite, then it would serve no purpose to leave it on.
  25. I know someone who is a teacher. In the classrooms they have an Elmo Visual Presenter. They even have complete zooming capabilities. You could put your GPS under the camera and zoom in on the screen. Alternately, you could do the same if you have a digital movie camera. You can hook that up to an LCD projector. If a computer and the camera has firewire, then you can display the image on the computer screen. A very good webcam might even be able to do the same thing.
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