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  1. I'll hook you up with the Oregon 2003 free of charge.
  2. Huh? It told me they were sold out at 12:03
  3. Jeesh if I had no ethics, I'd slap something together and have something for y'all in a few weeks.
  4. I would write a note on the cache page, but you can also just disable it until they are all ready.
  5. I actually would like this. I asked the company that made my coin if I could have the die since one side had the year on it and I wouldn't be minting more. I just thought it would be cool to have. They said they wouldn't do it. With a flat rate box at the post office only costing $7.70 no matter the weight it wouldn't cost that much to send it to the client if they weren't planning on minting any more coins.
  6. Hmm, thought I posted to this thread, but I don't see it. I'll take around 120.
  7. Hey!! It's not 2006 yet! I'm only working on my design.
  8. For those of you reading this from my group. We already have an order in.
  9. Alright FINE! I'll take around 113 of them.
  10. I noticed the other coin club from the bay area was able to get on your preorder list. I'd like to get in on the too, for about 110 coins.
  11. There are several bluetooth GPSs for the Zire 72, but none I see say they work with the 71.
  12. Dude, you can but those at Disney, he just etched his name on the back of it.
  13. You need to buy 1500 tracking numbers at $1 a piece. Simple as that.
  14. This is the truth behind the thing. If you don't allow groups to buy, all those members will be ordering individually and you'll have a lot more shipping to do and a lot more payments to keep track of. I've even heard of people wanting to only sell to groups or at least sell to them first because it makes the process easier and someone else has to do the distribution work.
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