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  1. Actually "NurseDave" hasn't sold a single coin on ebay.


    Yes, there was a delay in me approving the production because there is a lot of hand work involved that can be communicated in emailed drawings and the company rep was dealing with a language barrier with the production side of things. I just emailed her today because we're just at the 4 week point of 3-4 weeks. I'll update when I get a reply.

  2. I was going to update my old thread, but since that feature is dead you get a new one. Took some time of back and forth to get the design translated correctly. Finally just yesterday saw the proof and gave my approval. So we're about 3-4 weeks out.

  3. I am willing to take up this project if a few others would like to venture some time and capital. I believe this project will cost about $3500 for a first run of 300 coins with the "Virginia Geocoin" icon and be fully numbered and trackable on GC.com

    Whoa, that's over $11 a coin.

  4. I'm trying to decide if this will be a coin club purchase or not.  Will the shipping on a bulk purchase, say 60 geocoins, be substantially lower than if each member was individually purchasing 2 or three.  (Of course, the LE will not be a coin club purchase.)


    If you could give a rough estimate on the shipping cost for 60 coins (and maybe 1, 2 and 3 coins), that would really help me.  :anitongue:



    I was going to chrage a flat rate of 15.00 for coin clubs, but, I can fit a coin orders of 80 coins into one 7.70 flat rate box from USPS. Now, insurance on 80 coins would be on extra (close to) 5.00. That means that shipping for 80 coins would be 12.70. DOes that give you an idea? It will be cheaper for you to buy ad a club, then buy seperatly on the regular edition.

    Sounds like a good plan, but I've had orders of 120 sent in those boxes with lots of empty space.

  5. Oh just a question...


    How many are you minting?

    Well, since he's leaving the ordering page open until December 11th, it's probably an open-ended order. That is, he will order as many as are paid for, plus some for himself.

    There ya go.

  6. I see no "trackable at geocaching.com" on the design. I'm assuming this means no tracking, and that ensure no unique icon. Am I correct?

    Still, I'll have to have a couple of these.

    Actually, I should prolly get several of these. I have a multi cache that involves getting a map then following the landscape features to the final, a buried (not actually buried) wooden chest. And it's a designated geocoin cache too.

    Right, didn't want to spend the $$$ to see who's collection they are in.

  7. My understanding (from the owner as well) was that there were 50 of the round GD coins made and only 25 of the square ones. Are you sure you're referring to the square ones? I just double checked my email correspondance with him and he said 25 of the square ones. Either way though... pretty rare.

    My wife just vetoed me trading my MIGO winter for it. :ninja:

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