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  1. I'm on this quest too. Lots of miles! I use www.wikishire.co.uk - a fab site. It has all the modern roads overlain with colours representing all the old counties of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland (and none of your 'Tyne and Wear either!) Ramnageo
  2. Thanks for that thought. That was helpful.
  3. The GC web-page says this: When you switch from a Quarterly to an Annual renewing Premium membership, you don’t lose any Premium membership time that you paid for. Your new membership will start on the day the previous membership expires. In your account settings, select Membership. Select Edit Membership. Select Stop Recurring Membership to cancel your current renewing Premium membership. Purchase an annual membership. But I cannot find these particular elements on my membership page. So how do I switch from Quarterly to Annual auto-renew?
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