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  1. Hello Alll,


    This is my first forum post and I just released my first cache and was lucky enough to place a chirp in the cache and it was published.




    I only posted a message in my chirp thanking cachers for finding my first cache.


    Looks like the chrip uses the same case as Garmin's Foot Pod.




    I think the notch is used to attach the Foot Pod to a shoe lace clip.

  2. I have an oregon 300, here is my question: I already have a garmin topo sd card of my region which works great. I now wanted to add city navigator to my gpsr. Do I add it to the oregon internal memory or do I add it to the garmin topo sd card ( or is that possible ).

    Thanks for the help. I have not found a clear answer while reading other logs. :D


    If you transfer City Nav to the preprogrammed card, the preprogrammed card will be erased.

    Use a blank card, 2GB is plenty big enough.

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