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  1. I have about 500 loaded on the GPs. Now is there a way that when I find a cache to mark it as found? and then go to the next closest one. Thanks
  2. Your off to a great start
  3. Well I have been trying to get GSAK to work for a couple days and cant get it to work. I tried EasyGPS and it configured my serial port for me and I had them uploaded (500) caches through the GPS in about 30 secs I can take that! Thanks for all the help.
  4. OK I made a query to recieve all not found waypoint in my zip code i then get three files 607277 607277 palm pilot file 607277wpts I have tried to copy those files to my SD card but then using go to it says no files loaded? Which is the correct file
  5. The FAQ's are loaded with info. That should be the manual that comes with it.
  6. Is it possible to access the waypoints I saved to the SD card to use the find nearest feature?
  7. Trade completed with Ventureman7 Thanks
  8. Replied to email I don't know what happen to the PM
  9. Sorry on the Gecko... Looking for a cash option 175.00 shipped
  10. T20: Pentium III 700 Mhz 256 MB Hard Drive 12 GB DVD Drive 14.1" TFT Battery Included ( Good Battery ) Power Cord I do have it freshly formatted with XP Pro and this one does have the DVD drive in place and I mistakingly put 6 gig hard drive when in fact it is 12gig at 700Mhz
  11. Those two are the same model as mine I can try to post a pic but tit looks like those. It has no screen problems or functionalty issues. i was thinking the value would be 150-200 maybe selling on ebay wiould be my best bet. I'll check out the gecko 201 never heard of it.
  12. is there a check all on page for Gpx files are they individual only
  13. I have I IBM Thinkpad T20 freshly formatted with windows XP PRO Looking to sale or Trade For equal Value GPSr T20: Pentium III 650 Mhz 256 MB Hard Drive 6 GB DVD Drive 14.1" TFT Battery Included ( Good Battery ) Power Cord
  14. Worked great for paperless caching with cachemate and the file converter programs:) Now if there was a way to select all GPX files when do a select all on the waypoints
  15. Is the blue tooth for the GPS features I have a Legend Cx I was wanting to use cachemate for reading the info? Am I way off base?
  16. Looks like it will work. I got cachemate to load on it fine. I was using my wireless web connection to view the website when possible but geocaching takes me to a lot of no service areas.
  17. < img src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/stats/img.aspx?txt=Let's+go+geocaching&uid=2310caee-cbf6-4414-90ab-c3ba8836cd57&bg=1" border="0" title="Profile for regnad" alt="Profile for regnad" ></
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