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  1. Here is the package on ebay if someone on here wants it I'll end it early http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=017
  2. All original packaging and manuals. Thought I would try here before it goes on eBay Wednesday. Send offers to ckzuber@insightbb.com ebay UN is zuberx6 over 500 %100 positive feedbacks.
  3. Thanks for the reply I do use cachemate. I was hoping the ebook was a emailed document with all the cache info. Without loading them one by one.
  4. This sounds great how do I start it? eBook - As a Premium Member you can also choose to have a list of waypoints compiled into MobiPocket eBook format. This format contains all the information from the cache details page.
  5. Why have GSAK loaded on your computer if you want to use easyGPS then you only have one option
  6. Why your dreaming of the future make sure to add a cell phone and a mp3 player so we can also enjoy our favorite toons while caching about.
  7. I haven't used the auto routing feature. Is it hard to setup? I'll be looking at the manual to check it out.
  8. the NT version as I understand enables you to download maps to SD disk so the cx model you have would work to your advantage
  9. Best Deal? Best I found was eBay for about 115.oo shipped
  10. Looks like your brother to the rescue again eh?
  11. lol El Diablo I guess you are familar with it. I didn't really mean enhance performance but more to enhance my experiance with it. I am looking at the citynavigator program it sounds cool if I leave my area since my friend El Diablo loaded up my tri-state on the unit.
  12. I'm big on Geocaching so I'm set there. I would love to use this in the car for trips and what not... I also do some bike riding so I was thinking about a bike mount to track my speed a distance... What else do you guys do to enhance this 60 series I have the 60cs model. Thanks to our own garage sell forum.
  13. SOLD! to The GreatCanadian Thanks!
  14. I have bought and sold on this forum in just the manner you stated. Also made a trade with one member try to do that on ebay. eBay is my backup to listing or buying a GPS
  15. Thanks for asking ricstone, I have a manual on cd. I can get you a pick later tonight it looks great. yes paypal accepted and feel free to check my ebay feedback profile.... zuberx6 PM sent
  16. I have a Meridian Gold in great shape. Comes with the sd card for maps, serial cable to connect to your computer to download waypoints and a bike mount. Unit works perfectly. I have just upgraded to a newer unit. Asking 85.00 shipped
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