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  1. ooo sorry missed that !! DING to hiho - DG consider your ding revoked
  2. Correct - DING to GG&GD! Wonder if we'll ever see anyone getting 2 xmas singles again, given that the X-Factor winner seems to automatically get the slot nowadays.....
  3. Cliff, and Queen is correct - can you be more specific than "Various Artists"?
  4. Which 5 groups/artists have had more than one Christmas Number 1 in the UK? Last one gets the DING!!
  5. hhmmm lets see - the ! notation means all the numbers multiplied together upto that number, so: (1x2x3......x49) / ((1x2....x6)x(1 x 2 x 3....x 43)) = (44 x 45 x 46 x 47 x 48 x 49)/ (1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6) = 13983816?
  6. Quick DING !! It was set up so Cambridge University IT guys could save having to make trips to the kitchen to see if there was any coffee in the machine. The pot, after the webcam was switched off, was sold on ebay for over £3000.
  7. Cheers - the Spanner took a while to remember but I got there in the end!! Ok - the world's first webcam was designed to look at what???
  8. Candlestick, revolver, lead piping, rope, dagger, spanner are the weapons so I guess it's dagger!
  9. It's a great cache - there are plenty of prolific cachers in Fife who I think would be able to adopt it I hope?
  10. Surely not Bhutan? Well not sure to give you a ding since you state that it's NOT Bhutan..... But I'm feeling generous, so DING !!!!!! Bhutan has been a democracy since 24th March 2008 (see here).
  11. We should get a geocaching team together for Eggheads!!!
  12. Slight rewording to the question: which country has the longest serving Monarch???
  13. Thanks CHC! Which current world monarch is the longest serving?
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