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  1. ANyone at the Mega Event last August will remember this unusual LPC
  2. Great - first time I've got one! What is the cache in the picture?
  3. OO that'll be "Gulliver" in Edinburgh, the nearest cache would be Gulliver, that we were FTF on! Looks a lot more impressive from the air than on the ground!
  4. I suggest then that another thread is started for all those people here who live in Shetland. For the rest of us ignorant people we'll stay here. And yes, it's your go!
  5. This thread really seems to have been crawling along lately, IMHO partly due to the specialist nature of some of the questions that aren't "pub quiz" level.
  6. Easy - put the coords of the real (physical non-movable) cache in one of those little barrels for dog collars!
  7. I don't think Eckington exists in that guise anymore - I'm sure any of the local reviewers can help you, not just Eckington.
  8. We had a drive down to the borders on Friday for cache maintenance and got a couple along the A68 on the way. Today we bagged another couple cycling 25 miles along the Union Canal between Edinburgh and Linlithgow.
  9. Many thanks!! That's me not setting any more then. I had intended planting a couple of caches that required a bit of effort to get to (climbing-related). The only way I could see of doing this was to get permission to have the cache container in one place and then having the arduous part in another, where people are allowed to go, but where a box etc could not be placed. I have been told that climbing-related caching activities are not-allowed in my area and that a cache would not get permission if it were placed at the top of a climb, say. My way round this was to have logging stipulations. Oh well, enjoy your stickoflage, everyone. I'll bow out now. Why not just make it a multi then? Or a possible Earthcache?
  10. Fair enough - who is hte only person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar?
  11. I have a Nokia N82 which seems fantastic for urban caching. With Geocache navigator free for Nokias I'd certainly opt for a Nokia.
  12. Got the part where he had the vision about it. Year is spot on, just the month and date. Just Sooooo close. One of my favourite films ever - November 12th, 1955.
  13. Also, if you place a mysetery or a multi make sure the final coordinates are added as a waypoint (visible to only yourself and reviewers of course!). This used to catch us out every time when we started placing caches.
  14. I saw an announcement that all the reviewers are on a jolly together this weekend, and aren't back until tonight. I'm sure normal service will be resumed soon.
  15. James Dean? East of Eden? He was the first to be nominated, but he didn't win.
  16. Ok, I'll stick with an Oscars theme: Before Heath Ledger, only one other person had received an Oscar posthumously. Who was (s)he and for which film?
  17. Ms Chizu took a fancy to Kermit and Piglet, so much in fact she knitted them both something to keep them warm!
  18. I tried it today on my N82 using this cartridge. However at the 3rd stage I had to "drop" some items as part of the task. When I selected an item to drop, I got an error message and it didn't remove from the window of items, even though the items were dropping out of my inventory. Therefore it never knew when I'd dropped 6 items so didn't progress.
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