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  1. Thanks for the heads up, what are the dimensions of your bolt?
  2. I've been looking for a hollow bolt just like this for a couple of weeks now!!! I can't find one on ebay at all, can you help? Alternatively, I'd be willing to but one off anyone better with stuff like this than me!
  3. Thought the rules also stated pub quiz level questions!!
  4. We've still to process our photos for the Mega event and subsequent trip to Cornwall. I've uploaded some I took on my phone but those on the fancy camera are still to be done (including those needed for the Earthcaches - sorry Earthcache owners!!)
  5. Sorry about the delay - name the cache and please self-ding!
  6. itsnotaboutthenumbers still works but the owner doesn't seem to have updated for ages. I personally like the Geocaching Heatmap, though it might not be quite what you're looking for!
  7. That's the Royal Botanic Garden up the road here in Edinburgh, and that's the new Earthcache Tim-BERRR!
  8. Oops sorry I never saw Keehotee's post earlier - apologies!!! DING to keehotee
  9. DING-A-LING! Unicron was the uber large robot come to destroy Cybertron who transcormed into a planet and ends up being blown up at the end of the film by the Matrix, which is some sort of Transformer life force. Unicron was this one by the way! Devastator was a large robot formed when the constructicons merged to form a larger robot. I remember seeing the film on my 10th Birthday
  10. The last trackable we released went missing before it had even left the cache we placed it in!!!
  11. Blast, my memory isn't what it used to be. I remember, albeit vaguely, that Devastator was a giant robot, Unicron was a planet of giants and I think an amalgam of other transformers (probably what Keehotee's son is referring to), there was a squid of some sort, and Weird Al sang Dare To Be Stupid. Am I wrong or was there something called The Matrix in there as well? It's odd but the one firm memory from that film was Weird Al. Ooo you just mentioned it (though misidentified what it was) - take a punt - which one?
  12. neither ! they weren't giants and they weren't trying to destroy Cybertron, they were just leader of the Decepticons.
  13. The local Geox forum would probably be a good pace to post
  14. Ok! in the original Transformers film in the 1980s, what was teh name of the giant robot/transformer that had come to destroy Cybertron?
  15. hmm I think there were 4 moon landings, and since there were 17 + 1 -5 Saturn V launches (judging from your information) I'll go for unlucky 13!!
  16. see reviews of the etrex-H here!
  17. Watched a great documentary on this the other week! I think Hanks play Jim Lovell?
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