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  1. That's true, I guess we're open to all suggestions - the ones on the islands are certainly ones we'd eyed up already. I guess relatively simple caches that take you to interesting areas of he city that tourists might not otherwise go to. In addition, a couple of good puzzles for the 7 hour flight there would also be good!!!
  2. We're in Toronto for 3-4 days Mid September then heading down to Niagara Falls for a day - are there any must-do caches in the area - we won't have a car so anything downtown/easily accessible by public transport would be good!! Thanks in advance Chizu
  3. I didn't know there was a Greasemonkey script for that. The Adblock + filter still seems to be working OK though. It's part of the one that simplifies the page layout (also removes the facebook links and a lot of the whitespace). Can't remember where it's hosted though.
  4. Since yesterday's update, the one that hides the "Lost and found" banner doesn't seem to work, that's the only one I've noticed so far.
  5. Much appreciated - Geothumbs is the one greasemonkey script I miss most when it's not working!
  6. We're actually just back from London, and found the virtual cache at the Greenwich obervatory an easy yet excellent cache to do, and the observatory itself is great to look around.
  7. I think I kmow, but mat be wrong, as I asked this question two weeks ago, (then I was right as I was the quizmaster). West Brom. DING to norsch The Hawthorns is the ground
  8. Ok - heard this on the radio earlier when playing at altitude during the World Cup was being discussed: What English League team plays home games at the highest altitude?
  9. I've recently been cycling from Glasgow Queend street to work along the canal as the city train connection is currently broken. Luckily there's a cache trail along it so I've been tryning to ration myself and am picking off one per day (well 2 today since it is Friday )
  10. Being associated with the question that killed the pub quiz thread?
  11. I have a funny feeling that it's Sweden but on idea of the year so I'll go for 1902.
  12. Somehow the name The Willis Tower reminds me of Die Hard !! Ok next question: In The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, what present does Father Christmas give to Mrs Beaver?
  13. I'll go for Willis Tower, previously Seers Tower) in Chicago.
  14. They just said on the Scotland weather forecast it's -27 in Braemar!
  15. Can you post the link again so people don't have to trawl through the thread to find it?
  16. Of course, the alternative middle ground exists where virtual waypoints for multis are allowed by both!
  17. I do realise this (and did it on Kewfriend's caches myself to see if I'd found any other than the Iona one) - my point is you have to be a pretty dedicated cacher to find them, and you have to read this thread to realise they're probably still there. Relying on such dedication to get TBs picked up from caches that you yourself have chosen to archive (for whatever reason) isn't very acceptable.
  18. Yes, but that's a catch 22 situation. Howam supposed to knwo that number if I've never found it and it's now off teh system? It relies heavily on cachers who have previously found the cache (1) reading this thread and (2) caring enough to go and revisit a cache that they've already found jsut to pick up a TB. Surely it's the owner's responsibility to clear up the geolitter and rescue any stranded bugs, rather than just assuming the caching community will do it for him?
  19. How are people supposed to visit them now they're archived and therefore aren't listed?
  20. yes please!! I'd love to do that!
  21. You are not helping matters with your continuous disregard for both the wishes of the Royal Parks and our volunteer reviewers. This really has to stop. Although the description of cachers as "little children" would fit in with some of the comments made on this thread!
  22. Good luck to you all down there - we've really enjoyed all the Lake District caches we've done. I guess George Hodgson will be out of action for a while !!!
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