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  1. Um, isn't there a seperate catagory just for this? Oh, that would require reading though, yes?
  2. I love your avitar. L-Z II. First album I ever bought, and I still have it! PP4x4
  3. Hey Crash, Look at some cache pages close to you and go to the logs. Click on the names of the finders, and it will say if they are premium members. I may be too biased, as I have made and will continue to make all my hides PMO's. Anybody can create an account with the intent of mischief, but I doubt anybody will pay for an account to do the same. My hides take a good bit of work and time, (been working on the next one for two months) and I don't want them trashed. Making them PMO does NOT guarentee they won't, but I think it puts the odds MUCH better in my favor. Your milage may vary. PP4x4
  4. Shooo, Not Me! I'm long britches all the way! I only recently got some convertable britches so in between I can take off the lower part. Even then, I would just as soon not go through the hassle. Look up Riff's log on my Ekabug & Riffster. Good read. PP4x4
  5. Hey Mooselake! I will be in Oconomowoc in Augest for training at Bruno! Maybe we will run into each other. Any paticulatrly good caches you recomend? No P&G's please. I usually avoid micros. Another thing, unless you LOVE Spam, it's not advisable to post your Email address publicly. SEE YA!! C.
  6. "Convince me that I need GSAK" You don't, but I like it. PP
  7. You can enter the coords in a 200W and it will take you to the nearest road or maybe parking lot. I still find it amusing when it tells me right over there, behind that house. Then I look at the map for the entrance to the park. PP4x4
  8. Wow, you can't go anywhere in the ATL area without being close to a bunch of caches. I am partial to the SW OTP area, since that's where I live and have hides. Cochran Mill Park close to Fairburn is stock full of great hides as well. If you have a premium membership, run a PQ just about anywhere as a center and I think ou will do great! Lotsa Luck! PP
  9. After trying a Mio, (....don't say anything at all.) when people ask me what to buy, I say stay with a major GPS company. Like Garmin, Magellion or Tom Tom. I now use a Nuvi 200W for in car, and I am thrilled with it. PP4x4
  10. It is nice, although hard, to find caches in Chattanooga that are not micros. So next time I am up there, I shall seek thy LocknLock. PP4x4
  11. "would not re-orient itself until I walked 5 to 10 paces." That sounds to me like the EC is turned off. But I don't think you can go through the calibration procedure with it off. Hmmmmmmm This will be interesting to watch. I also have a HCx and I have found it to be nearly as good as my 60CSx. Hope you get it worked out. PP4x4
  12. Since I often stop to look around, I sure do like having the "electronic compass". Everytime I have turned it off, I feel like I'm chasing my tail for the first few seconds. I guess it's what you get used to. PP
  13. With the Auto Nav kit, the round power connecter can be attached with the mount. It takes just a little finness, but it works. I know, I have one. PP
  14. Buying from PCNation you won't have to wait too long! That's where I bought my HCx from and they were great. I like having the maps on both of mine, makes it easier to drive there. Find, Geocache, nearest. Oh, that one looks interesting. Go to, follow road and bing! There's the driving directions. Unless you end up in a subdivsion behind a park! Been there, done that.
  15. Used my Treo 650 for a short while. I decided I didn't like having it out and exposed where I cache, so I bought a cheap PDA so if it gets lost or damged, the loss it not so great. Now it goes in a dry bag inside my courier bag and stays 'till I get back to the car. But as above, it worked great! PP
  16. And to think, 'Roun here we cammo them with moss, leaves, paint patterns...... PP
  17. It's a'lil yeller. He would need to walk around a bit to find the right direction. That is really great cake! PP
  18. Well, Reading through this thread has changed my position on Golf Balls as swag. Where I used to take them out and dispose of them, I will now leave them. Maybe someone will make good use of them. PP4x4
  19. Now we know who puts the stupid Golf balls into caches! PP4x4
  20. That's why there's chocolate and vanilla. I too am well stated as preferring the 60CSx. Go somewhere that you can put both in your hands. Go through different functions. Find a waypoint. Mark a waypoint. Go to the main menu. Buy the one you like better. I'm sure Gallet thinks I'm stalking their posts, but really! I'm not!
  21. 'Roun here, we also have weekly meetings to talk about those who ain't. PP
  22. 1. Magnetic switch with a magnet in the container. 2. Light sensor, the container blocks the light and once lifted any amient light will turn it on. PP
  23. I don't want to sound like I am criticizing your solution, 'cause if it works for you that is GREAT! But I don't understand how this is better than a $15.00 PDA. I like the fact that if my Palm gets crushed, dropped, dunked or otherwise damaged, the $ loss is not that great. That's the reason I stopped using my Treo 650 for paperless. It now resides in a Dry-Pak in my bag Plus, getting the info into a Palm is straight forward. I appreciate that a lot of what we have now is here because of the hard work of people just like you. PP
  24. SW of ATL in Fayetteville is where we hide. Hey Super Nate, are you ready to become a Ga. resident with this stupid land grab attempt?
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