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  1. I have a '40, and if I had to do it again, it would at least get serious consideration.


    It has been in for repairs 3 times now.

    Always a power problem, always seems to be the worst of times.

    Once when I got to Phoenix, once in the middle of a run and the first time just 'cause.

    It is a very good unit, I LOVE the paperless, and Cache Register is GREAT!

    But now that it is out of warranty, I just hope it doesn't break again.

    I was so aggravated at it in Phoenix, I went over to Best Buy, and if the guy hadn't been so, well, less than prepared, I would have bought an Oregon. But he didn't earn my business. :)


  2. Don't give up hope, and look where it "couldn't" be.

    I lost my 60CSx in some haunted woods, and that's how I got it back from "Peter".

    It was where I KNOW I didn't hike. :)

    But now it is lost again, though I'm quite sure it is here at the house.


  3. I used a ammo can, filled 1/4-1/3 of the way with cement, then a Nalgene bottle inside just to be sure.

    The ammo can stays dry at about 2' deep, if people are just a little careful with it.

    I hid a pole with a hook about 25' away so it can be retrieved without getting wet, if you should so desire.

    The FTFers really pulled my leg on it, He he he.....

    I wonder if they found the pole....................... :)


  4. I've been using my smartphone for geocaching, but there are limitations to that. Want a nice GPS, but don't have the $$ to buy one, so I am offering a gently used, second-gen Amazon Kindle e-reader for trade. The Kindle is about 6 months old, in like-new condition, and comes loaded with a lot of books that I've purchased as well (will provide list on request). I have the original box and instructions. It comes with the USB/power cord, and a protective Belkin case (retail $25). The Kindle itself retails new for $259.


    I'm especially interested in a Delorme PN40, Magellan Explorist GC or similar that is in nice condition.


    PM me if you are interested. If no one bites, the Kindle will go on eBay (yuk), and I'll buy my GPS. Just wanted to offer it here first.


    Thanks :D


    UPDATE: Just listed the Kindle on eBay...


    Still Available?


  5. 2nd the Rayovac Hybrids. I'm still using the first ones I bought about 4 years (Maybe more?) ago. Of course they don't last as long as they did, but they still hold up fairly well. Before then, I tried Energizer rechargeable, they didn't last very long though. When some of my R'vacs were stolen in a car break in, (4 that were in my Geobag) I bought some Duracells. They did about as well as the Energizers. I just bought some Eneloops, and so far I'm impressed.

    I use a MaHa charger in my car.



  6. Stone Mtn park is eat up with caches.

    Also has a GREAT night cache, though I have not been able to go after it yet.

    A favorite place of mine is Cochran Mill park, Sw of Atl.

    The GGA has a list of best caches every year.

    Enjoy your visit!


  7. Here is what am planning for my DD in March.

    I am going to place caches in several yards of neighbors, participants of the party and common areas.

    They will be laid out as a big multi cache. The Kid's will be divided into 2 groups, each going in the opposite directions. I wonder which gets the Delorme?

    There will be clue cards to the next stage, of 2 colors, one for each team.

    Once they are out of sight, the big finale will be hidden, probably on the front porch, or, hmmmmm, maybe on the deck.

    But there will probably be some polishing, but that's the the basic plan.

    I also like the idea of the Geo Event. All the plans may change........


  8. Happened to me twice.

    I will say that Delorme's tech support was the best I have ever encountered.

    First time was right after a battery change, I always wondered if I put the batts in backwards. Just my self doubt kicking in.

    Second time it was a couple caches after a batt change.

    Again my self doubt kicked in, and when it returned I made the + and - marks are much clearer.

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