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  1. Try some of these threds... Markwell 1 Markwell 2 Markwell 3 As far as Autorouting goes. You'd want to get a copy of MapSend DirectRoute. It will give you turn by turn instructions on you GPSr. The maps are pretty much well up to date. It doesn't always give you the quickest way to get there but it does get you there. If you wanted to use your laptop, you could use Microsoft MapPoint. You can connect your GPSr to your laptop with the data cable and you see your position on the map on you laptop with the proper setup. The baud needs to be set on 1200 thats the only way it will work.
  2. My first one was the Meridain Green, I've upgraded to the Meridian Color and loving it!
  3. CWL

    How To Cope

    I have 6 TBs. I recently lost my first one. Its wierd how some will just die out after a few hops and others will go on and on... O Well I'm just gald the rest are still moving. I just try to keep my hopes up on them still going.
  4. I've been using Energizer Ni-Mh in my Meridan Color the whole time I've had it. (Almost a year now) Never had a probem yet. I also use rechargeables in my digital camera without any trouble. BTW... I've seen a pack of 8 AA 2100Mah Energizers w\recharger at sam's club for about $25 I think.
  5. I have a Micro TB... Micro Plankton . I just scanned the tag, printed it out and laminated it. (I put some instructions on the other side) It has the same look but bendable so it will fit into a 35mm can just fine. Also if it gets lost not a problem... just print out another one.
  6. It could possibly hurt the tree, but if its a large tree I don't think you have much to worry about. The only living part of a tree is just under the bark and the leaves of corse. A weed wacker would do more damage than a nail. Thats my opinion. The only thing you'd have to worry about is the tree getting knocked down or cut down. Thats happened to some caches around here. the tree was just cut down that had a cache in it. A recent storm knocked over a tree that was hidding my cache it was still hidden, but it damaged the ammo can. It is now leaking a little, I need to go do some maintance.
  7. My First cache was C & N Cache by Blodlizrd & SoupNazi. It was plundered about a year after it was placed. I went on lunch break with my manager and co-worker that were trying to get me into the sport. I didn't have a GPSr yet, I just kinda followed behind them. When we got near the area they were following their GPSr's and I saw what looked like a trampled path leading into the woods and at the end of the path was the cache! I hit two that day and found the first 13 without my own GPSr, I just followed along or borrowed one. I broke down and bought one after that. Funny thing was right when I got my own GPSr, I got laid-off. Talk about timing!! I had a lot of time to just cache! and cache I did! I found 34 more caches before finnaly getting another job.
  8. Well I don't have my GPSr in front of me at the moment but I'll give it a shot from the hip... Goto the Nav screen that shows you your current coords... Press "menu"... Select "projection"... From here you can either project from your current position, a saved waypoint, or you can enter the coords of where you want to project from... The default projection distance is listed in miles. If you want to project in feet just enter a small milage unit such as .05 miles it will automaticly switch to feet then you can modify it to how many feet you need. If I goofed any hollar!
  9. It seems like most people got either the Garmin Legend or Magellan Sportrak. I didn't get a GPSr for Christmas but I did luck out on the National Geographic Topo and Directroute software for my MeridianColor.
  10. 6. Finally 56.4% (1067 Votes) 4. Geocaching for Love 40.8% (773 Votes) 1. Truly Blessed 1% (20 Votes) 2. Extra Extra 1% (19 Votes) 3. The Last Straw 0.3% (7 Votes) 5. Fairy Tale A Love Story 0.2% (5 Votes) Total Votes: 1891 Voted again, I call shenanigans too! The funny thing is last month only 51 people voted.
  11. CWL

    Your City:

    Sweet! Checked out my home town. Intresting
  12. Nevermind... I got the National Geographic Topo under the tree. Uhh... offer is off the table. Thanks anyway!
  13. Hi I'm CWL... and I'm a Cache-a-holic.... The first step is to admit it, but the situation still hasn't improved. I'll probably bag #400 next weekend. (Currently 398)
  14. Dang this is still a close race... Finally 47.7% (284 Votes) Geocaching for Love 47.2% (281 Votes) Extra Extra 2.5% (15 Votes) Truly Blessed 1.6% (10 Votes) The Last Straw 0.5% (3 Votes) Fairy Tale A Love Story 0.3% (2 Votes) Total Votes: 595 But we are still behind... BTW: I voted too.
  15. I recently bought MapSend DirectRoute. I'm looking to trade MapSend Streets & Destinations in the US for MapSend Topo in the US. I have the original box with manuals and everything it came with. Just a flat trade I will ship my software you ship yours. I'd like it in the original box and stuff with manual if at all possible. (Mine is) I've been caching for over a year now and looking for another seasoned geocacher to trade with. I don't want to get jipped. Please e-mail me and we can work something out! Thanks!
  16. Excellent Report!! I agree, the rectangular regions reqirements is my number complaint. They sould have some defalut regions like all of one state or atleast Eastern and Western portions of a state. I hope they fix some of those minor hassles with the next firmware update.
  17. I use the Color Meridian with Mapsend Destinations. (I'm planning on getting Direct route for Christmas) Anyway.... I have a 128MB SD card installed in the GPSr. I sat down at my computer one day to load some map regions. I made several regions for my area. (Mapsend limited each region to 15MB) I started to load them at the limited three regions at a time through the serial cable.... Man did this take a long time. After I finished loading like 20 regions I turned on the GPS and noticed it only had the last set of regions I loaded. It names the file "Detail001" (or something like that) and everytime you load another set of regions it names the file the same so thats the main reason you have to have a card reader, to rename the file so you can have more than one map file on the card at a time. (Also it loads like 200% faster) When you load directly to a card reader you can load four regions at a time. Then go back and rename the file and load another set until the card is full. Now back to your main question. You can only have one detailed map loaded at a time. You go under your card utilities and choose change map, and choose the one you need. Topo or Direct route, or which ever region you need at the time. You can have several different types saved to the card, but you can only have one loaded and active at a time. Hope this helps.... if I made a goof please someone corrrct me.
  18. Heh heh.... Yea sure! No Problem! Just don't bring the hammer!
  19. Sounds great Ponds! I love doing Multis, and adding the encryption will just add to the fun. If you need ideas just hit some of the local Multis in the area. I like caches in parks that have trails for my Mt. Bike. A nice long bike ride is great! Terrain wise the harder the better. (A little water has never stopped me) heh heh I prefer to have the whole multi in the same general area but thats just me. Most of all it looks like you put alot of thought into this cache. THANK YOU! I've appreciated quality caches much more lately.
  20. I don't recall him calling me a newbie. It was while you were wading across the bayou at Soup's DVD Cache. I think he said, "Look at the goofy newbie! Where's he going? The cache is over here." Heh heh Uhh Yea! I think I remember that moment. But I thought I was thinking that not speaking it.... Look at that Stupid newbie! Hope that gator doesn't getem.
  21. I was in boy scout for about two years. I don't recall what I made it two but it wasn't too far. I wish I had stayed in longer. Been there... Done that...
  22. I watched it too. Great job! BTW: I recoreded it on my TiVo if anyone wants to see it that missed it. Let me know. Been there... Done that...
  23. Sounds good! I got a Shelby Farms cache going up soon. I just got to get some supplies. I'll try to get it out there before the event. BTW: Are you going to post an Event Cache? Been there... Done that...
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