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  1. That gives me an idea. Thanks!
  2. I already have one of those... CWL009 - CBU WebCam I am looking for a Traditional Multi-Cache where both cachers are out in the cache area and finnally ending in a box. Anyone?
  3. ...Bump... I'd like to know too... Also I can't read German so that one doen't help
  4. Well just counting the finds in my 100 mile radious... 308 avalible, 113 found = about 37% FTA Its easy just look at how many caches are listed on "My Cache Page" at the "Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates" link and then "filter out your finds" link, devide and there you go!
  5. Q: Who's watching my Cache or TB?? Or Q: How many licks does it take to get to the toosie roll center of a toosie pop?? Same answer: The world may never know!
  6. Although we'd like to come to celebrate with you... thats just a little too far for a caching trip. Have fun!! We'll be with you in spirit!
  7. Yep, been done before but I'd encourage you do one. Its nice to see how far you've traveled. I have one... Chuck's PTB Compass Its been to every cache that I've hit so far. Check out some of these threds... Markwell Markwell 2 Markwell 3
  8. Woo Hoo!! Good luck on the next 100!!
  9. O that looks like fun!! I bet there is some inside joke with your friends and that ball. I hope it has the effect that you desire! Good Luck!
  10. I'm looking for some script that will automaticly update the stats for me. For now I manually update my stats on my website. I also have a PTB that keeps track of my milage. I really like Skydiver's Geocaching Point System. I wish I could do something to that effect for my area. If anyone knows how let me know please!
  11. Heh heh!! Actually I do have Direct Route, and as I said before the list wasn't mine it is off the Yahoo Meridan group's wish list... I know most of the requests are picky, but there are some valid ones too...
  12. Uhh... yea but don't tell my boss... heh heh
  13. I vote for Germantown Greenway... I thought that was still part of Shelby Farms? That side of the river doen't get as much attention.
  14. I too ran into a bee hive while caching once... It was actually the first one I've seen before int he wild. Luckly I didn't disturb them the cache was nearby but not bothering them. I took a picture and carefully went on my way without even one sting....
  15. Heres a list on the Meridian Yahoo groups... I agree with most of them I know some of them are a little picky though... No.... Category............ Request 1. Maps Make improved detail maps. Both Mapsend Streets & Destinations (and) Mapsend Topo seem a bit out of date, and the accuracy could be much better (I for one would pay up to $200.00 for improved maps). Just as an example, my home is shown over 1/10 Mile from its location, and the streets are labeled incorrectly. I've read here that the accuracy of Direct Route is excellent, but (even though I'll be buying it) I would still like to see better Mapsend products - especially for Trails. The ATV Trails I ride on Michigan (U.P.) aren't even shown in Topo. 2. 2 Software Develop an Add-On Application where by Users can make their own detail maps and Upload to their MeriGold/Plat. This would be very well received!! 3. Software Make MAGUP remember my preferences, so I don't constantly have to change them for each update. 4. Firmware Make our Meridian's remember their (user) preferences, so that we don't have to re-customize each screen every firmware upgrade. I Don't know if this is even possible? 5. Firmware Add a trip computer screen: Total trip time Time driving (moving time) Time standing still (stopped time) Average speed should not reset when I turn the GPS off but should only reset when I want it to (now I have to leave the GPS on when I'm sleeping in a hotel or I lose my Average speed) Average speed should not include longer stops than an hour (It should only average when moving). 6. Firmware Street finding in the database is very cumbersome. It should be like Route66 does: type part of the city name/part of the street name and there it is. Example: kingst/mai should get me Main street in Kingston (don't know if there is a main street in Kingston 7. Firmware More useful waypoint icons, I mean: how many of us are actually interested in wineries? 8. Accessories Offer an A.C. Adapter accessory. 9. Website Add a form to submit errors in Mapsend maps to the cartography department (similar to Garmin's Site). 10. Software Allow Mapsend to directly support more than one file on an SD card. (i.e. offer a 'save as' file dialogue when saving to SD cards). There is a way to get around this, by re-naming individual files, but this is merely a work-around to a Mapsend limitation. 11. Firmware Calculate and display ETA and/or remaining time to final destination, based upon an estimate of average speed. Having the ability to set time parameters for calculating the average speed (e.g., over last 15 minutes vs. last 2 hours) would be useful. 12. Firmware Allow files to be saved in Folders or Directories. 13. Firmware Improve automatic routing by allowing "shortest route" (on top of "quickest route") and perhaps even "preferred route" (which could avoid certain, user-specified types of roads). 14. Firmware Allow scrolling of map without having to drag the pointer to the edge of the screen. Perhaps by using combination key press (e.g. ENTER + ARROWS). This would save me quite a lot of time, as I always seem to be doing this. 15. Accessories A lanyard attachment to the back of the GPS. 16. Accessories A better case than the one available that offers protection, permits good visibility of the screen and allows use of the buttons. It should also have a belt loop and the ability to have a strap attachment. Possibly an "Oyster" type hard case if a soft case is not possible. 17. Firmware Improve the menu system. Current one is a bit cluttered and disorganized. 18. Firmware Faster waypoint search. When alphabetical order is selected the left and right arrow could be used to skip over waypoint names starting with the same letter. If I've come down to the waypoint «Home» then the right arrow should take me to the next waypoint after all waypoint names starting with 'H' and the left arrow should take me to the last one before those starting with 'H'. 19. Firmware/ Make the primary datum available through the serial interface. Latitude and longitude in GPXXX sentences are expressed in the primary datum but there is no way for a program to know which datum is selected as the primary datum in the GPS. software 20. Firmware Change distance presentation from Km to m when distance is 999m or less instead of 99m as it is today. 21. Firmware Delay the switching of speedometer scale when speed is decreasing until the speed is e.g. 10% below the value where it could change. This is to avoid switching up and down when cruising at a speed close to such a value. Also change the pointer from gray to black. 22. Firmware Make current air pressure available through the serial interface so that a program receiving data can estimate altitude changes when there is no 3 d fix available. (Applies to Meridian Platinum) 23. Firmware The ability to use tide tables AND the routing feature of DirectRoute in the same firmware, or an easy way to switch between firmware from the SD card so that you could use the marine FW when you needed it and the DR firmware when you need that without having to go back to your PC. In other words, make it possible to switch firmware like you switch maps. Ideally while saving your key settings, like the power off timer, backlight timer, etc. so that you wouldn't have to reinitialize. 24. Software When Mapsend uploads waypoints or routes it replaces the existing ones in the Meridian. It should give you the option to ADD them to the Meridian. 25. Firmware? Still seem to be problems where the GPS doesn't recognise certain SD cards, despite users having updated to 5.12. 26. Software MapSend: improve route editing capability so that waypoints can be replaced and inserted in a route and routes reordered. 27. Software MapSend: Add the capability to select a point in a track as a reference point and then show time and distance from that point. 28. Software? Make basemaps routeable - not just DirectRoute maps. 29. Firmware Allow autorouting VIA user-specified waypoints. 30. Software Mapsend: Make it possible to create both routes and waypoints at the same time, as you can do with other mapping programs; e.g., each click would lay down a point and draw the route from the last point laid down. Also, use ESC to end route drawing, so that you could use the arrow keys to reposition the map without ending the route! The current system is so cumbersome it's nearly impossible to use. 31. Software Mapsend: It appears that DirectRoute will provide the wonderful maps we need to replace Streets and Destinations. Now we need topo lines! So... either come out with a new version of MapSend Topo, or add topo lines to the map provided by DirectRoute. 32. Firmware? BlueNav: This is an area rife for improvement!! We've had so many threads on this in the past, I can't believe others aren't writing in about it. Key to using BlueNav would be the ability to load more than one chart on the SD card and switch between charts using Card Utilities. The local charts on the CD are so small, you're stuck. If you're on a vacation that takes you to many parts of a coastline where you plan to boat or kayak, then you'd better go out and buy a laptop so you can reload your SD card in between. I have not bought BlueNav because of precisely this limitation. I have no problem with licensing only 1 SD card per user -- but since the CD gives us the capability to use more than 1 chart, so should the SD card! It would also be nice if we could use the same SD card for both MapSend maps and BlueNav charts. That's what those big ole 256 and 512 cards are for! 33. Firmware BlueNav and DirectRoute: Come out with a firmware version that will support both marine tide tables and direct routing. I already mentioned this previously, just hitting it again from a BlueNav point of view. 34. Firmware User-configurable waypoint icons. Some of us will have different interests to others. For example those that use the «marine» functions of the GPS may want more buoys, people that enjoy fishing may want more fishing icons, etc. 35. Software/ Firmware Allow calibration of Mapsend products (or compiled detail maps) so that users can have precise maps in their locality. So for a person living in California, he is happy as long as his proximity is precise. He doesn't care about Florida so leaves that on the default setting. 36. Firmware Would like the sun and moon function to be expanded upon. Require the unit to display the position of the sun and moon in relation to compass degrees as well as azimuth above the horizon. Not just a graphical representation with concentric rings showing 45 and 90 degrees but an actual number displayed both at the current time and at any time you choose to plug in. This is extremely useful when you need to know sun or moon rise and exactly where on the horizon this will happen as well as telling you the position above the horizon at any given time. Especially useful for camp set up or photography. 37. Firmware Easier way to power off the compass (maybe holding the Enter button down for a few seconds on the compass screen). Would also like to have a setting where the compass would shut off above a set, user-specified speed. (MeriPlat?) 38. Firmware Maybe an option to have 4 data fields on the compass (and maybe map) screens. The 315 had the capability to view 4 fields. 39. Firmware Pressing the menu key twice will take you to the setup screen (quit will return back to the main menu). 40. Firmware More resolution to the moon phase screen. 41. Firmware Edit route names to something more useful. 42. Software? Unfortunately there is not much hope with BlueNav: these maps do not provide real time tracking on a laptop, they even do not allow to download your tracks on the computer to analyze your trips. 43. New Product Better fit and lock of the battery compartment in the Meridians. 44. Firmware Keep a Go To active even if the unit is turned off. 45. Software MapSend Europe: Add coverage of northern Europe 46. Firmware Turn the backlight on when the GPS is powered on and keep it on until the initial screens has been acknowledged. This function would make it easier to get it up and running this time of the year. 47. Firmware Remove the warning for lost external power when external power is restored. Currently you have to press Enter to make it stop beeping and take the warning message away 48. Firmware When converting a track to a route use earlier created user-waypoints when they are within 50 meters of a calcutated routepoint instead of creating some dumb point like T04P33 49. Firmware Add a function to let users input negative values in the "User Grid". E.g False north at origin: -668.0 50. Firmware Make the Swedish Coord System whith the RT90 Map Datum more accurate. Preferably by using the formula provided from the National Land Survey of Sweden "Lantmäteriet". Please see http://www.lm.se/geodesi/refsys/eng/refsys-eng.htm for details and an email adress to a person who is their "guru" on transformation of coordinate systems. 51. Firmware In the Swedish language, rename the Coord System "Svensk" to "Rikets nät" which is the correct name 52. Firmware Add support for non english characters like "å ä ö ü" and so on. 53. Firmware KEEP OFF MY LIGHT-setting when generating an Alarm. Just trigger the 'key pressed' switch for turning on the light, so the light will follow the previously set intensity (OFF or Low) instead off switching it to 'High' 54. Firmware When on external power, the light-timer is deactivated... Do the same for the auto-power-off-timer (on position) 55. Firmware Display negative heights (the Netherlands are 50% below sealevel; I am at -2) 56. Firmware (De)select a WAAS/EGNOS satellite, as my position automatically selects 120 and 122. Sat 120 does not send info anymore, and 122 sends only info valid for the USA. I want to select 131 wich does have valid info for my position, but is just on 9 degrees over the horizon, and so is cut off reception unless I travel 50 km east 57. Firmware Save tracks directly to SD-card. I mean something like diverting the NMEA-data to a file on card. This means: tracks of more than 2000 points, and more info like EPE and Sat-availability 58. Firmware Increase the accurancy of the calculation of the total distance from track (Value given by GPS and MAPsend are different???) 59. Firmware Waypoint Visible flag. Make that flag toggle when 'Enter' is pressed instead of opening a box with the two alternatives. 60. Firmware Add a capability to define at which scale a waypoint will show up on map. 61. Firmware / New product ? Add a 'Low Power' mode in which the receiver sleeps for some time and then wakes up, calculates and saves a fix and goes back to sleep to extend battery life. 62. Firmware Simplify power-on by allowing GPS to power up by pressing the power button without the associated wait. Since the ENTER key has to be hit twice, this is not thought to cause problems. Power-off protection to be retained. 63. Firmware Allow a customizable screen that permits a user to specify up to (or beyond) 12 fields. 64. Firmware/Hardware? Battery Meter should represent the appropriate battery life depending on battery being used: alkaline, NiMH, Lithium, etc. 65. Firmware Add the possibility to calculate the distance between any two points. 66. Firmware When you reach a waypoint display the informations of this waypoint 67. Firmware Add the date and time of waypoint creation 68. Firmware Add some more Coordination Systems like Maidenhead Locator 69. Hardware Make the battery compartment hold 4 batteries. A main battery compartment and a secondary battery compartment,all of course under the same cover. It will run on two batteries to save on weight Or if need be run on four if you need more hours of run time and no easy way of carring extra batteries. 70. Hardware Add a special holder in the battery compartment That will hold another SD chip, so if you need to You just open the battery compartment and on the back side of the battery door or behind the batteries is another SD chip with more detail maps of areas, you take out the SD chip that is running the unit now snap in the spare chip and there are your extra detail maps. 71. Firmware Odometer should be more precise (like Garmin), usually the distance it measures is shorter than the track. This varies wildly sometimes it is only 1 or 2 percent less and other times it is more than 15% less. 72. Firmware Allow the order in which screens are displayed (with NAV/ESC buttons) to be changed, so favourite screens are close to each other 73. Firmware Allow the definition of programmable displays (variable names which are defined as functions of other channels, and which include some memory operations) so that features like the enhanced averages requested elsewhere can be added as user programmable operations. 74. Software Make a developer's kit available which can extend the firmware as necessary to add functionality. This might be by rebuilding the firmware (incorporating the existing functions in libraries) or by proving an 'applet' environment. 75. Firmware Add an alphanumeric selection to datum selection screen so that it's not necessary to scroll so far to find a new datum 76. Firmware Put odometer clear / track clear on the same screen so it's easy to 'clear everything' before starting a trip. Offer the choice of clearing the track after saving to SD card. 77. Firmware Add a macro function so several associated operations can be done with a simple menu selection. 78. Firmware Improve alphanumeric entry interface for faster entry. It can be done with only two keypad operations per letter ! 79. Firmware Allow for windows95-style long filenames on SD card, so tracklogs and routes can be given more meaningful names 80. Firmware Allow for more waypoints to contain comments and allow longer comments. If small groups of waypoints could be selected from SD card, then the memory limitations this might suffer from would be alleviated as it wouldn't be necessary to keep all useful waypoints in memory at the same time. 81. Firmware Allow the display of tracklog details on the GPSr (currently, I think only the altitude history can be reviewed but I'd like to know at what time a given point on the map was passed). 82. Firmware Provide a lower power mode for use when merely logging a long track rather than using the display features (would turning the display off save power ?) Choose the power save mode (time between receiver wakeups) according to the measured speed, so that the receiver sleeps longer when the user stops walking for a rest. 83. Firmware Further trip computer improvement : have multiple trip displays (distance today / since last stop / since waypoint etc). 84. Firmware Add proximity alarm that operates when a certain type of waypoint (not in the route) is nearby - for reminding of user POIs, speed cameras etc. 85. Firmware Better control of waypoints - e.g. 'clear all waypoints that were created by making a route', 'add this waypoint to my hilltops file'. 86. Firmware Don't turn the backlight on when the 'external power lost' alarm is displayed. 87. Firmware Save whole groups of settings to SD card. This is mostly so that all the settings changed between using the GPSr for routefinding in a car and using it for tracklogging on a hike can be applied in one go, but it would also be useful to provide the recall of settings after a firmware upgrade that Frogwear requested 88. Firmware Odometer should be in the customise field menu 89. Firmware Barometer/temperature should be in the customise field menu 90. Firmware Barometer should integrate with altitude algorithm (editors note: perhaps like Garmin does? DutchVince) 91. Firmware When a common street name is entered the result is a long list with all places that have a street with that name in random order. Sort this list either alphabeticaly or by distance from current position. 92. Firmware Easier deactivation of routes. When route 10 is activated, now you must either * deactivate route 10, * activate route1 and deactivate route1; * activate a GoTo and deactivate. 93. Firmware When activating a (user)waypoint-route, and you are not at the startingpoint, select the startingpoint first instead of showing the way to the second waypoint (endpoint of first leg) 94. Firmware When activating a route do not remember where you were the last time you used the route, but start from the beginning, or from the nearest waypoint. This firmware remembers the last routed waypoint unless you reverse the route. I explain: when travelling from A to B to C to D, and do something else, and again travel from A to B to C to D, the unit selects the last leg (to D) instead of to B 95. All software Allow at least one backup (or add a backup cd with the original) 96. Firmware The Ability to select the default waypoint, or otherwise just use the last icon selected as the default. When hiking in the jungle with the screen zoomed in to max, the current default icon covers to much map detail, especially when you have waypoints close together. 97. Firmware Allow both forward tracking and back tracking on a track. This is common feature on Garmin. Saving track to route then reversing will not work on high waypoint count tracks. 98. Firmware For older people with high frequency hearing loss, add a selection of lower freq. Alarms. Also volume feature would help. 99. Firmware If way points are turned off and then way points are loaded from SD card they show on map anyway until they are first turned on then off from map view menu. 100. Firmware The present position pointer on the Color unit is too large and gets in the way of reading POI or waypoints. Should be smaller like many Garmin units have. 101. Firmware Rename files on SD card in Meridian menu Could be used to easily fix WP/route files that have changed contents or was given wrong name. May also be used for switching firmware between Tide/Direct route version using hidden menu firmware loading from SD card. Also possible to use to shift between a few BlueNav charts on registered SD chart. Makes the product usable in case you boat near the edge between two chart areas. 102. Firmware A screen to display the nearest waypoints that would continuously update in real time as the GPS moves… This is a feature available on the basic Garmin models
  16. Heh heh... I guess I'll be a part of that "Disorganization" in Memphis!!
  17. heh heh!! Anyone thought it might just say "Travel Bug"?
  18. I've got the 5.12 loaded into my MeriColor, but with all the little things that are annoying I'm ready for a fixed firmware update. Does anyone know when Magellan going to do this?? Or atleast provide an updated firmware with SOME fixes?
  19. Well theres no where I know of on the site but I've done it two ways.... One... I just shrank it down with a copier machine and laminated it. Two... I use the print screen function, crop out the tag and shrink it down like you would a picture. It turns out like this... edit... pic was to big to post
  20. I've had 4 groups of 4 in a row but my high is 6 consecutive days... 4/26/2003 -4 4/25/2003 -2 4/24/2003 -3 4/23/2003 -1 4/22/2003 -1 4/21/2003 -2
  21. Denial: No, I can stop anytime... I swear! Just one more cache! Depression: Waaa!! Why Me!! Why Me!! NOOOO!! Isolation: If you won't go cacheing with me I'll cache ALONE!! Just leave me alone!! Treatment: Hello! I'm CWL and I'm a cacheohlic... Welcome to CA, CWL!! (Cacheohlics Anonymous) Recovery: I fell so much better after getting that out! Rehabilitated: I've cut back to only the weekends now.
  22. My first TB is still on the move... SpongeBob GeoPants His goal was to visit all 50 states. So far he's made it to 10. So far I've only had one go missing out of 7 (one hasn't been activated yet). A cacher had it in his possession, but lost it. Who knows, someone might find it and actually keep it moving. Not too bad.
  23. Does anyone have a list of caches that are inside Disney World? I'm heading there in June. Might try a few. Thanks!
  24. Intresting enough I took this one myself... My kids sometimes go cacheing with me... here they are trashing out... Me at a webcam cache...
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