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  1. I was caught once by the cache owner Pic and all...


    BMW002 - Candid Cache



    August 4, 2003 by CWL

    Now I get name...

    I headed up to the cache and evidently I wasn't discreet enough. The local cache owner spotted me nosing around the cache area, and taking the cache back to my car to sign the log.


    The cache was completly waterlogged. I was trying to dry out the logbook to sign it and I was approched by one of the cache owners. Doh! She really snuck up on me, I wasn't paying attention. Nice to meet ya by the way.


    Tried to sign the log, LN


    Thanks for the hunt!


    Caught Red Handed!! (Pic)


    He caught a few others in the act as well. This one guy had a freaking fit and demanded that he removed his pic from the log!!

  2. Its all a marketing thing. The more Wierd and/or anoying the commericals the better you are to remember their product, either in a positive or negitive fashion. Either way it usually causes you to bring it up in conversations like the one we have going on here and will intice someone to go get a Quizno sub!

  3. My goal is to make them invisible to muggles and obvious to cachers.  It's silly to make them hard simply for the sake of making it hard.

    I have to disagree. I think it's fun to create a challenge for players. I know I love it when someone comes up with a unique hide idea that stumps me. I've also gotten great feedback from those I have stumped. Nothing silly about that as long as everybody is having fun.

    I'd have to agree with JMBella I enjoy tough hides and hide mine tough as well.

  4. Hey, I know this cool park in Jackson that really needs . . . . oh nevermind.

    Having grown up in Jackson, I would take that as.......the truth


    I thought about doing some Jackson caches when I go up there to visit family, but I will probably stay away from Muse -- when people call it shady, they're NOT referring to the trees......

    The Multicache in Muse Park is worth doing. Just stay aware of your surroundings.


    Ok...Ok...Ok...Ok... I know Already!.... :smile: Being from Memphis I had no idea about what went on there. I picked it from a list of parks in Jackson I found on the internet. <-- (No not from those sites... get your mind out of the gutter) This was one of the only that had some woods for hiding a multi cache. If I had known I wouldn't of put it there. Doh!


    Nobody has hit it in a really long time anyway. I just might archive it.

  5. I have a Micro TB... Micro Plankton


    I just made a color copy of the tags and laminated it. That way its really flexable and I put some instructions on the back side. I used some shoe gems. I think thats what they were for originaly. They look like little ear rings.



  6. We could always have it in the area of Bitbrains 4x4 cache and my Nightime cache.

    It's could be the first nightime CITO! B)

    Well that area could use some cleaning up, but I'm not hauling out any deer carcus. Yuk!! :unsure:


    I'm planning on hitting your nightime cache when the weather gets a little warmer, so don't archive it just yet...

  7. There used to be a website about a year ago that some guy made that was launched a Flash movie. It was great! It explained everything. It was animated and detailed. The site went down and I think I deleted the bookmark. Maybe someone else will know what I'm talking about and point us to the right site!

  8. I had like a crap load but picked a couple...


    cwl is a bit of a roundabout way to accomplish my goal

    cwl is a complete hardware

    cwl is enthusiastic

    cwl is the sole member

    cwl is getting a leader who likes to share the pie

    cwl is very important to me

    cwl is a participant in the world

    cwl is approximately 1

    cwl is a 1 <- Uhh... they left out the 0 (10) :ph34r:

    cwl is doing

    cwl is inexpensive <- Hey! I resent that... :ph34r:

    cwl is pro

    cwl is rather easy <- Doh! :P

    cwl is listed as the 'no

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