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  1. Would you think it's wrong to make a multi-cache that cannot be finished in one area or one day? such as coordinates for the first and maybe second being in the same area, but perhaps a third final coordinate totally someplace different? is this O.K. or is there some hidden rule that they have to be able to find everything in the same area or park in a one day period? (example, first coordinates at bottom of a hill...lead to second coordinates at top of hill, with coordinates for third final cache in a whole different town?)
  2. hey there folks! finally got around to buying the gps v deluxe... i am new to gps and will need all the help i can get... i am in the burbank/los angeles area, and am wondering what else i will need...such as, software...the gps comes with city select software i think...and i just wondered whether i now also have to buy the topo software, or if i did not need it... someone let me know... what are the opinions on this unit? i have looked around slightly and noticed people mentioning they wanted one, and then there is the whole garmin vs. magellin issue...but what are the real opinions? i wanted something i could use in the car, use on the trails while hiking and mountain biking as well...and was trying to decide between a vista and the v for a while, but decided on it due to it being better for the car... ok... thanks for your help! if anyone is interested in getting together to show me how this whole geocaching thing works somewhere near burbank (verdugo's?) please email me at mightywarlock@yahoo.com thanks! Rich
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