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  1. Well, I am sure the Geocaching community can help me out with this and help find an alternative spot? Maybe across the service road? I am sure we can do something! Help?
  2. Hello everyone, I place Magnifi-mint (GCGQGR) behind the Royal Canadian Mint many years ago, it has been muggled, replaced, moved, moved again, muggled, etc... and once again it has found itself AWOL!! The cache I would love it if a local cacher (preferably one that has found it before) could fo an check on it. From what I can understand the wall it's tucked in may or may not have fallen down. It may be buried or just placed out of reach by a previous cacher. Can I have someone go to the site and snap a photo of the wall for me.. I can then highlight where I recall it being and have them check on it. I would really appreciate this, I am in the Canadian Forces and now posted to Calgary. I promised I would keep care of this with the help of local cachers and they agreed to help out when it was first placed. It's almost 11 years old and I from what I understand is in the top 1000 pre loaded Magellan caches(?). Thanks a lot, if necessary I'll pay for it to be replaced with a new cache. Bzz
  3. Can I just ask anyone who has the mac torrent downloaded to seed it for me? I current am pulling from 3 seeds.. Thanks
  4. Okay, I have the answer to #1: Garmin Road trip. Now I have to figure out how to get the maps into it.
  5. Sorry to sound annoying but I am "mac stupid" right now. What do I need to make 1. Mapsource work on my mac 2. ibycus work on my mac and 3. transfer it all to my garmin colorado 300? Thanks!
  6. Chew me out but I just got a mac and don't have time to read 19 pages before I head to Vancouver next week.. (and the search button doesn't like the three letter word) Is there an option for Macs with this?
  7. Feel free to drop me a line. I have lived here a year and haven't really had any "oompf" to go caching. Maybe with a partner it might get my butt off the couch to get get some. Oh, and I have one of those hard to park four wheeled things as well.
  8. But then the piles of meat will move to the country, obviously!!!
  9. malhereusement, non. Il sagit de suivre les rapports de cache est deduire nous meme ce que des abbreviations veut dire!! (j'en suis sur que tu a deja verifier dans le forum "francais"?) J'ai trouvé ce site. Peut etre il y a des infos. http://www.geocaching-qc.com/ Les geocoins et trackables sont tres simple. Inserer et "logger" pour suivre sont progres. Bienvenue!!
  10. sirmalloc: I like what you have planned.. you should check out the blog for "Geopher Lite". He has had a few issues with Groundspeak and getting his program to be accepted by Apple as well. Celtsfans: Check that app out in the app store.. Geopher lite While the cost per month varies based on your rate plan, it's pretty in line with other smart phone offerings that include an unlimited data plan. I am currently in the process of programming a full featured geocaching application for the iPhone, and it does have features that'll enable use when out of range of cell service. We've got a site up with a list of features and some screenshots, so take a look and let me know what you think. www.geodeapp.com
  11. Even easier, would be to have the local RCMP/OPP/Local police detachment create an account, set their location in the profile, then get a once a week email of new caches in the area. I am sure there are people working in the 911 call center that have some slow evenings, they could even do it as a secondary duty...
  12. GC6D24 - The Spectacular Welsford Falls As for covered bridges, hit the one in Hartland as it is supposed to be the world's largest.
  13. Funny this would show up the day after I drop in to Ottawa to visit my cache. I was reading through my logs last night and actually found a page in it written by a police officer who was called to the cache by someone who thought it was a "drug cache". He left a nice note, replaced the cache and even signed with the police report #. At the same time, the person who called the police left a kind note explaining why they had done so. I think I recruited two new cachers that day!! It would be nice if caching were more prominent and that law enforcement officials were aware of them. It will take time, but we can spread the word bit by bit.
  14. Make sure you stop by my caches on the way through. If you have the time I highly recommend the falls.
  15. I second that. I bought a RAM mount for my bicycle handlebars and suction cup adapter for my car. I just have to loosen it off of one to transfer it to the other. Very good, tough quality.
  16. Thanks, I tried that.. I had loaded another mapset on and it's too late. I wonder how one goes about getting the basemap on the unit once it's off? I understand I should have backed it all up before messing around but it's too late to do that now.
  17. As you can see, I have made the mistake of deleting the basemap off my Colorado 300. I am not a home so I don't have my cd rom that came with it. Even if I did, would that be helpful or am I out of luck? Please advise, Bzz
  18. Make sure you have your compass setting correct. i don't have my legend with me at work but there are two settings for the arrow.. one that does "drift" when selected and the other that points to the spot.
  19. Not only that but imagine if your mailbox was removed for maintenance or repainting and the cache went with it!!
  20. Others can confirm this if I am wrong but doesn't google maps input some kind of error to make things more challenging? You may be thinking you have the correct spot, but press F5 (refresh) and see if the cache moves on the google map. Good luck!!
  21. I see no issues.. Now... GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!! Hehe
  22. Othum.. I think that is a great idea!! I have done that before for hiking but never thought of doing it for caching! I hope there is no mention of how long you are gone for, as that would lead criminals to decide if your vehicle is an easy hit or not. Depends on where you cache I suppose...
  23. In Quebec, they have just passed a hands free law for cellphones. A very good thing if you ask me. I also find it quite liberating to use my handsfree in the car now. I have seen studies though that point to the lack of concentration when on a phone versus the hands busy aspect of it. stagunner, I drive 8 hours back to NB from Montreal every couple of weekends, just for the weekend, then back on Sunday. It's very hard to just "DRIVE" as you state... it can be long and tedious driving that distance. I had to do it with no music two weeks ago due to electrical issues in my car, that was SOOOO long.. What I am saying is that forever, there have been electronics in cars helping people. I'll admit they contribute to accidents, but to ban them entirely is just a silly thought altogether. Just look at the car companies, the integration of electronics has moved up in leaps and bounds in the past few years and I don't suspect one keen premier (looking for attention)is going to alter that!!
  24. Oz, get in touch, I have been there and can tell you what to expect and what maps work..I used the mapcenter maps the whole time over and even loaded them on my buddies' GPSrs... great road detail in the Southern areas.
  25. Don't forget all those cool street racers in their souped up hondas and sunfires...
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