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  1. I feel the reporter should have contacted a local cacher and gone on a hunt before reporting just to have a real life view of the story. I have seen two people riding 1500 lbs horses do more damage to the woods in one passing than a years worth of cachers would do in the same area. most caches are off of established roads/trails (we've only been around for a few years) most of the caches around here don't get that much traffic and the damage is next to nothing.

  2. I spent half an hour last night solving a six part puzzel cache. Got up early this morning (I work nights) and drove 20 miles to find the cache. my trusty etrex took me to within 20 feet - of the parking cords I loaded in instead of the cache cords. I was so peed off at my self I went home and mowed the grass as a punishment. Cladius.

  3. I found my first green jeep today and came on here for information as to the best way to enter and move it along. I will take a picture this weekend (without the # showing) and get it back into the the hunt. I did enter the contest and have logged the find. Cladius Playing fair in MA.

  4. My black and white male Springer Beau has been treated for lyme and just last week stepped on an old wine bottle 1.5 miles from the truck and almost blead out. He is still with stiches and no caching for a while. The bottle was in a very old dump site 30's or so. Will get back and police it. Oh yah I had to take off one of stockings and make a turnicate and carry him out of the woods. I never knew 46lbs was so heavy. Cladius.

  5. I am a noobe , found my first cache that I was looking for today. I got interested in this sport because I kept finding these boxes, containers, tubes, film canisters with cords in them, etc. and looked into what it was all about. I spend alot of time in the woods with my dogs and bow and am very observant. Looked like a lot of fun so I bought an eTrex legend yesterday and here I am. ( I gave my old Magellen to my son in law last year) and have been using a compass. Looking foward to meeting some of you and earning my what? Wings? Stripes? What do we get when we are no longer a noobe?? <_< See you on a trail. Cladius.

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