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  1. Hi there. I'm going to be in the area (Chatham(ish)) towards the end of Oct and beginning of Nov. Are there any plans for a get together during this time? I'd definitely like to link up with some UK cachers to share stories/coins and get a feel for what caching is like in the area. If you're looking for a template for what we call "Pub Night" you can look up my profile and check out the two events that I've hosted. Thanks,
  2. Hey all. I'm going to be visiting on business at the end of this month and want to tear a great big hole in my PQ's for Rochester and London (centred at Tower Bridge). I'm looking to get at least one Earthcache while I'm there too. I could use a guide since it's been 15 or so years since I last visited - waaayyyy before GPS technology. If anyone has a suggestion for groups of caches in an area that are half-decent that would really help too. Thanks,
  3. Count me in. This sounds right up my alley.
  4. Carotene is the right answer. Carry on the next question is yours.
  5. What pigment causes leaves to turn yellow in the autumn when all of the chlorophyll disappears?
  6. 28?! I pegged you for much older!!! Happy Birthday
  7. I have to give credit to one of my co-workers for this one...apparently he's a bit of a genius. It comes from an archaic French or Middle Age English word for "strong rope" or "heavy rope". He wasn't sure of the origin or true meaning, but I fugured...pffttt..close enough!!!
  8. Nevermind...I should have passed grade 3 reading before posting a reply.
  9. 1867 Only because Canada became a country that year. That's a trick question.
  10. I've seen ticks here in Borden. I didn't get a good look at it before I squashed it. And on a different note; Black Widow spiders have been spotted on the base as well.
  11. Home Hardware sells it too for about the same as Crappy Tire.
  12. That's where we buried the Captain.
  13. My personal favourites are... "The hint is in the title" - what's the point of having a hint then? "Parking is at such and such..." - It's a hint, parking descriptions and details on which routes to take should be in the description or as waypoints!!! I'm done venting now.
  14. But where can a holidaymaker rent one? I'm sure they could borrow one from the local shelter Or a local cacher. I'd love it if you took my dog for a walk...LOL.
  15. I've been wondering the same thing too. We're kind of a secret society with most of us just being recognizable because of the coins. I know that some of us belong to the Military Association of Geocachers, but that is a US association that has graciously accepted us. Maybe you've started the ball rolling here.
  16. That's bogus. The article is for that series of caches that are bungeed to trees in the most awkward places...OGPSTH. Those caches give us a bad name, and they're entirely commercial in nature.
  17. Last summer I did a good chunk of the Bruce Trail in Ontario and had quite a blast running from cache to cache. The terrain there is fairly rolling and it's quite possible to get a good 10k run in a couple of hours.
  18. Latest article from the world of geocaching
  19. Seems that a properly trained police/bomb dog is much better at this, and less expendable, than your well experienced geocacher. I hope the police officer thanked you for going in first! I'm not explaining myself on this subject anymore in these forums. I don't claim to know how to program computers and I'm not an accountant, I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about on any of these matters. What I do know is military ammunition and explosives. I have dealt with the public service on many matters like this and I DO KNOW what I'm talking about. If you need me to explain myself do so in person.
  20. That is not the reason because the officers walked up to it. And a properly trained Explosives K9 would not touch it. They would do a passive indication such as sitting. Morely likely, based on my description and the fact I had handled it, they were confident it was not "live". Anyway, it made Durham's Blotter for yesterday. C The police officers walked up to it because you walked up to it. A properly trained K9 is fantastic but when you're talking about decomposing explosives and wonky fusing, I'm not walking up to it and I do this for a living. The only, only reason they approached it is because you did first. I don't think police dogs are considered expendable and used for approaching known or suspected IED or UXO. Bomb dogs are used for detecting explosives only.
  21. Your FBI friend is right. Let the other friend know that they didn't send the dog because dogs are police officers, they would have sent a robot. You discovered it and walked up to it, therefore it's a find. If it's found it's ok to make a "looksee" approach. I am sitting here bored and thinking and I came up with something else. It's a bad idea to take photos of suspected ammunition. Here's why...a lot of these things have fuses that may become sensitive over time, or may be light sensitive to begin with. A photo flash, casting a shadow, or ground vibration may just be enough to set it off. It's not just Geocachers that need to be educated, everyone is in the same boat. Situations like this are a good opportunity to let folks know what is right and what is wrong when they find something they think might be ammunition.
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