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  1. I have my fingers crossed for you, if it comes down to that
  2. No, but I think your record is broken! Twasn't me... Twas Donkey!!!
  3. are we ther... Hang on the Big Sghetti said copper!!! ow I do love copper ...e yet
  4. Cool design I definately think you have the right idea, Black Nickel metal with the Glowing eyes for sure. I'm even thinking that with Black metal coin both red and black translucent colours could look cool but then again might not just work. I will be keeping an eye on this one to see how it finally turns out. Good 1 jho135
  5. I'm just gona hurry up and wait... Bring on the sghetti
  6. Well done tsun, and thanks for bringing this all together I'm glad I was able to help.
  7. Third time lucky Managed to order a few of these beaut coins (although I would love an Antique Silver )
  8. I just got homw from work and found this topic Not sure if I can help from all the way down here in NZ but if I am able too I will., e-mail sent Man there are some great people in this community, I hope I get a chanse to meet at least some of you one day
  9. 1. Participating - e-mail sent 9/7/07 2. Received Name - Yes, 15/7. Research Begins... 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  10. 1. Participating - Yes, e-mail sent 11/7/07 2. Received Name - Yep, 13/7, Research has began 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  11. Wow! Those are some very cool coins Dorkfish As the migration route of these whales southern cousins has them passing the coast of New Zealand it would be a crime for me not to get a some of these coins... Ordered a couple of the LE glows. Thanks
  12. Oh wow!!! I could hardly believe it when I read this (Thanks CinemaBoxers for posting), I was so excited I bundled the kids in to the car and made the 80 mile drive to one of the caches to see if it was true... and it was!!! The geocoin Fairy had traveled all the way down South and dropped 3 of her coins! Anyway we completed the cache but were not really convinced as this cache was very urban, not the kind of place you would expect a fairy to visit, but then we got to GZ and found it was a small, no, very small park in the middle of the City, full of Big Trees and natives, just the place a fairy could be found. The kids were so excited to find the coin, Brittany won't let it out of her sight Just have a look at this... these two definately believe... Cache Log (The photo alone was too big on this page so just put a link to the log, will keep trying to post the photo alone) Thank you so much TGF for making the long trip down under I hope you managed to find a place to rest your wings before heading off to spread you joy to others in the world
  13. Well done guys These were certainly worth the wait. I had a Blue LE set ordered but thought the BN looked the best, that was until... They arrived today, and wow that Blue looks AWESOME!!! Thanks for an awesome coin
  14. Anthus Lap Tops (Black Nickel & Blue LE ) Sorry keewee you can't have it, IT'S MINE!
  15. You could start here... Bargin Bin But there are heaps out there
  16. Don't bet on that! These guys can appear anywhere
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