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  1. Thanks for the fun, gota go mow the lawns, Good Luck 501 & ladybee
  2. b = Trumpet h = Flute/Clarinet c = Recorder
  3. b = Trombone h = Flute/Clarinet c = Recorder
  4. b = Trumpet (and bagpipes ) h = Flute & Piano c = Recorder (& Triangle, cause every one does)
  5. Bagpipes Harpsicord Washboard & Triangle
  6. Just kidding Bryan = Tuba & Trombone Hayley = piccilo & Flute Collett = Symbols
  7. 1. Participating - email sent today (3/11/07) This mission is for the junior "Chelmo's", Brittany & Thomas 2. Received name - 3. Mission Complete - 4. Santa arrived - Ho Ho Ho He's on line and ready
  8. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name - 17/10/07 - Research underway... 3. Mission Complete - 3/11/07 - Package sent 4. Package Received
  9. What a cool way to help the kids with their homework My answers: 1. Both 2. Yes 3. 36 4. Male Mark (Elmo)
  10. I have a spare '07 Evil Micro (RE, Nickel) If that will do
  11. To all the lucky recipients of these coins (so far). According to my maths there are 24 lucky people who have these coins in their hands as well as another 7 coins logged in to caches (The closest being 11,221.6 km from me ) But I have my fingers crossed still for one turning up in a box much closer
  12. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name - 17/10/07 - Research underway... 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  13. Congrats to the latest finders Halloween is creepy closer but there is still time
  14. Check Castlemans last post in this thread, he is being kind to the colonies and taking a type of "Pre Order". What a great guy Thanks Jim, e-mail sent
  15. These coins go on sale 11am Thursday Kiwi time, I have a real job and will be working out of town so will be taking my chances... hopefully keewee will be able to get me one of the antique nickel coins (He has a desk job )
  16. Could this coin be any cooler??? Heck no!!! Congrats to all finders so far I have my fingers crossed
  17. He is a GIANT Weta Cali is a bit far for me to fly (Considering Kiwi's can't fly ), will wait and hope for something a bit closer
  18. Don't think I'm going to be able to make it over to the event Man, you guys have all the cool stuff, love the copper, esp with the gold Will have to see if I can pilage one from someone Have a fantastic event all those that make it
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