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    What I'd love to see is an option in my prefs that lets me chose the default coordinate system to display in.


    *Couldn't have wished for more. It seems that many of the responses to this thread, and possibly a simple majority, are in favor of using UTM for ground navigation. The question now would be to address the feasability of, as mrcpu suggests, "an option in my prefs". As it is now, even if personal choice is UTM, the conversion must be made to hddd mm.mmm format to post anything on the web site. The geocache network is already a great database. Is it possible to make it - gasp- even better?

  2. I notice that all coordinates given for caches are in the hddd mm.mmm format. I have found that UTM and a 1,000 meter grid are much faster and easier to work with than lat/lon. The SAR team I worked with used UTM for everything except giving coordinates to helocopters. Am I the only one, or are there other proponents of UTM lurking in the shadows?

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