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  1. K7RKT. I usually monitor the local repeaters here in Portland when I'm in my car. If I'm going anywhere far from my car, and ESPECIALLY if not in cell phone service, I always bring my HT. I've got an Icom 2720 mobile w/ cross-band repeat, but have never used it except to try it out once. 5 Watts on my Kenwood TH-G71A is usally enough with a handheld to hit most repeaters from most places. Plus, you have to setup the cross-band repeater BEFORE you leave the car -- with my setup you can't control the mobile rig from the HT.

  2. was my first treasure. Should've kept it for myself - the next cache I dropped it in on San Juan Island was the last time it was logged. I keep signature items that I find, unless they're of some unusual value (I hear that Bazzle's nickels are worth much more [icon_smile.gif] )

  3. 2 groups, each assigned 2 waypoints. Gives everyone a little more to do than just showing up at the final location.


    I suggest we suppress any knowledge of HH 8-9 and TDP 1-2 and find them as part of the 'event'.

  4. I'm There! Tour de Portlandia sounds doable as well. Everyone pick a different bridge on their way to waypoint #1 and we're all set! (showing my west-side bias icon_wink.gif )


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  5. But I think I can swing 2/8 as well! I like the idea of breaking it up into pieces, I've already got the answer to several spots. But then again, I think the whole point of this cache is to not just sign the logbook, but actually go to each and every location!

  6. I'm sitting at 91, trying to make some quality picks. I'd certainly like #100 to be special!


    PGE was a lot of fun. I think you might have a problem completing Hammerhead without some help as one of the waypoints is no more. I highly recommend Demonhead Flats as well.


    Just ran out at lunch to get the CD for (instrumental version). That's bound to be interesting as well.


    Funny, I guess the original post DID go through even though I got a database error.....oh well.

  7. isn't going to hurt.


    If everyone started trampling around in Forest Park, it's gonna be a problem.


    I really like when caches specify No Bushwacking req'd. That way, even though my GPS is all over the map, I know I don't need to start heading off the trail -- and I can make a choice. In less sensitive areas (aka THE DESERT, or really remote areas) maybe it's not a problem, but I always feel more than a little bit guilty heading into the bush (plus it makes it really hard to find one's cell phone when it drops off one's belt).

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