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  1. Je cache is momenteel disabled, je kan hem weer actief maken door een logje toe te voegen met de status 'Enable'. De owner maintenance die je nu gelogd hebt is om het 'ziekenhuisicoontje' weg te halen als iemand 'needs maintenance' logt. Succes!
  2. Hi ayrbrain, Can you remove the http:// before your img link? If I add only the part after (so start your text with [/img] in the text box where you type your text to reply.
  3. Ok, this is what I meant You have your picture on your computer, so use that computer to go to www.tinypic.com and select your file via the 'browse' button that shows on the site. Then start the upload process (if you want you can resize the picture also, I have it as 'default' normally). Once done, you will get a new page with several links to your uploaded image. Copy the IMG link including the code between brackets (starting with '', etc.) and paste it in your message on the forum here. It will then be recognized as a picture and shown here Good luck!
  4. You can share a picture by uploading it to e.g. tinypic.com and then selecting the img-code and paste it in the message. Good luck
  5. Package arrived A nice TB with two nice cards! Also the nice words (and good Dutch!) were really nice. Loverfishy, thank you very much for your gift, appreciate it 1. Participating Date - 09 November 2013 2. Received Name Date - 15 November 2013 3. Mission Complete Date - 24 November 2013 4. Mission Received Date - 13 December 2013 Regards, Toho_NL
  6. The number 4 is, how I understand it, to note when you received your package (from the person who was to send it to you). If we all track the progress on this mission, the person who sent you the package can check your user name and see the package arrived. You can do the same by checking the other person's last status update to know if it arrived already. Regards, Toho_NL
  7. The package is scheduled to be shipped tomorrow 1. Participating Date - 09 November 2013 2. Received Name Date - 15 November 2013 3. Mission Complete Date - 24 November 2013 4. Mission Received Date - Regards, Toho_NL
  8. Great, got a mail with the name. Thanks for that 1. Participating Date - 09 November 2013 2. Received Name Date - 15 November 2013 3. Mission Complete Date - 4. Mission Received Date - Regards, Toho_NL
  9. I don't know the answer, but will translate your question to get more help hopefully: I lost the activation code of my Travel Bug, how can I get this code back again?
  10. Hi, just for my understanding, what is the topic about? Do people send you coins and TBs or do you have a cache with a mailbox or so? Looks like an interesting topic with lots of interesting TBs, was wondering how you get all those 😃 Thanks, Toho_NL
  11. Message sent via GC.com. Looking forward to this, great idea!! 1. Participating Date - 09 November 2013 2. Received Name Date - 3. Mission Complete Date - 4. Mission Received Date - Regards, Toho_NL
  12. Hi, This is not common (fortunately) in the Netherlands. Maybe this is a new user that doesn't know that just logging on the website is not sufficient and a written log is also needed. Maybe you could, if this is a new user, send an email to ask / inform them. Otherwise I'd delete the logs indeed as well.
  13. That is a nice suggestion, I'll consider the signature coin 😃. I can now see the number of followers, but not who is following, but like that I can maybe find it out. Would be nice, same as who gave you a favourite point, if one can see the details of followers too. Thanks for the reply and suggestions!
  14. Thanks for your reply! It does not show who is following the cache though (still I learnt something new, thanks for that!). Any other suggestions maybe?
  15. Hi all, A simple question: can I see who is following my caches? I have a few caches that are followed by some people and I like to know who is interested in my caches. Do you know if this is possible and if yes, how? Thanks in advance, Toho_NL
  16. Ja, meteen maar even op mezelf reageren... Door wat te zoeken op Google en op het forum heb ik het volgens mij gevonden. Je kan namelijk zoeken op de geocaches per land en vervolgens dan op het favorieten-icoontje klikken. Dan wordt de lijst gesorteerd en staat de cache met de meeste favo's bovenaan. Zie hier voor de lijst van Nederland Groetjes, Toho_NL
  17. Hoi allen, Ik vroeg me af of iemand me kan vertellen of het mogelijk is om een query te maken op een aantal favorite-stemmen. Ik zou graag weten welke caches veel favorite-stemmen hebben om enkelen daarvan eens te bezoeken. Ik heb in Wachtendonk (in Duitsland, net over de grens bij Venlo) de cache Das "blaue" Wunder (GC35KGZ) gedaan en die is me zeer goed bevallen (momenteel al 1500+ favo's!). Nu zou ik dus graag zien waar er nog meer van dit soort caches zitten. Iemand een idee of je hierop kan zoeken middels een pocket query ofzo? Thanks, Toho_NL
  18. Ik ga eind juli (20ste) naar de VS en Canada. Mocht er dan nog hulp nodig zijn, stuur dan even een mailtje.
  19. Yes, this is via e-mail indeed already possible (have the same already in use), but aimed more for having an option to receive a notification on my phone (same type of notification as e.g. you receive a Whatsapp message, showing up on the screen) instead of via e-mail. Maybe too much to ask for, but something like a notification centre where all these types of messages would show up instead of via e-mail is what I was thinking about. Just an idea... Regards, Toho_NL
  20. In the Windows Phone app, on the landing screen, you can see the amount of finds, hides, member level (basis / premium), member since and active geocaches globally. These are my stats, you can't see them of any other user, but I believe there should be some 'stats page' where you see more or less the same as you see when going to My Profile on the internet. Hope this would be incorporated (also for the other platforms, not just Windows Phone).
  21. I wouldn't limit this just to iPhones but have this also for Windows Phone and Android. I believe we would all would like to be able, independent of the used operating system
  22. I would welcome a possibility to allow push notifications for if a trackable owned by the user has received an update. Going to the notification, by clicking, would then bring you to either the app showing your TB's page and its logs or to the website and its details there. Thank you for your considerations, Toho_NL
  23. Hopefully not a duplicate post (couldn't find a similar one in the search), but I believe it would be great to see some more statistics in the phone apps. Currently, I am using Windows Phone, you see the amount of finds and hides, but I believe it is nice to see the amount of TBs found and owned as well. And possibly a new page which shows all statistics as you see them on the website too (e.g. average difficulty of found caches, average terrain, finds per country, how many days of last year finds, top day and month and year, etc.). Thank you for your considerations, Toho_NL
  24. On Windows Phone it is possible to download maps from HERE (HERE Maps) and use them from the phone. It would be great use to have the app use this data, if available, as this reduces the load of the map on the Internet and improves speed of display and orientation. Thanks in advance for your consideration, Toho_NL
  25. Leuk idee! Hoe kan je aan de geocoin komen? Ik ben vrij nieuw met geocaching, dus wellicht is dit een domme vraag... Een of andere shop of rechtstreeks bij jou? Groetjes, Toho_NL
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