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  1. Strange...for me it works fine... As alternative you can use Cutepdf and print the details like you see them by default. But that's only a work-around. greetings, Hans
  2. Alternative method: 1. view page as pdf or print it to a pdf file (using cutePDF) 2. save it on your pda 3. read it with a pdf reader for pda's Then you have all info too. Greetzz, Hans
  3. This one is perfect too: Garmin gpsmap 60 http://www.onecall.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=84953 Greetzz, Hans
  4. Hi Johnbarber, You can find a related article on this on my weblog (signature). It's about putting pois on a garmin gps 60csx (microSD). But I think it might work well for other garmin devices with a external memory. greetings, Hans
  5. Why making a html link of it (which is not possible)? If you enter the following as hint text: http://www.geocaching.com The encrypted result is: uggc://jjj.trbpnpuvat.pbz The only thing someone has to do is decrypte-copy-paste in a new browser window. big deal... Greetzz, Hans
  6. Hi Briansnat, This is indeed the easy way! Thanks for this resource! Greetzz, Hans
  7. Hello Gonzaga3, Here you have a link to a great lexicon resource. http://geolex.locusprime.net/ Greetzz, Hans
  8. According to me it is not a gc.com problem. I think the problem is at the garmin site where the real code is located... The reason why I think that? Well, this is the script which is called by that action: http://developer.garmin.com/web/communicat...eviceDisplay.js When you use it, you'll get a message "page could not be found"... Greetings, Hans
  9. When you are logged on to gc.com and visit a detail page of a cache you find a link at the right of the coordinates to other formats. Those mean always the same. Greetings, Hans
  10. A DNF may also result in getting an extra hint from the owner to find it next time you visit the stash place. Greetings, Hans
  11. Nachtraaf


    Yes indeed, I think that will be the issue... greetings, Hans
  12. Hi there, I should look for the latest Garmin USB drivers on the support site for your Vista Cx model. Regards, Hans
  13. I use this code: line 1: %smart=20 %code line 2: %typ/%con $dif/$ter %last4 Lf:%datelf by " + $By which means smart name of length 20 with the gc code. on line 2 you have the type, container, difficulty, terrain, last 4 tries, last found date and placed by. If you want a hint there is another code which I don't know by heart. I don't use that as I have all necessary information on my PDA. Greetings, Hans
  14. Hi Antjaw, Personally, I would not take one of these... I would rather go for a Garmin Etrex (i.e. Legend or Venture (not CX version)) or the Magellan Explorist 210. If you are willing to buy second hand, you will surely find those for $100 (Try this search on eBay). In my opinion these devices are very good starter models (I started with the magellan Expl. 210). Greetings, Hans
  15. Here is a direct link to the download page of garmin communicator: http://www.garmin.com/products/communicator This plugin let you send data to your gps and is compatible with IE6+ and FF1.5+. If it is not working: 1. try to install the latest USB drivers: download here 2. see in the FAQ: visit here. 3. maybe you find a solution on the communicator test page... I know you might have done those things already, but I had the same problem. So I got calm and try again each step. A bit later it worked like a charm :-) Greetings, Hans
  16. Currently I have a gpsmap60csx. From time to time I use the electronic compass, but mostly I can handle it with a standard compass. The altimeter is never used, except one time: I try it in a Boeing 737...but off course the pressure is handled in the cabin which meant that we flew on a altitude of 900ft :-) greetings, Hans
  17. At the moment the weekly notifications mail is very long. Maybe it is an idea to make each item in the chapter 'In this mail' clickable. Then you can go directly to the chapter you want (f.i. upcoming events.). With a 'top' button you go back to the top of the mail. Easy and straightforward...what do you need more? Greetings, Hans
  18. Hi Brad, if you are a premium member you can use the gpx-files in GSAK. This is the ultimate geocaching database software out there. It can export to multiple file formats. One of those is the Magellan Explorist layout. It's what I use and it does the job very well! Greets, Hans
  19. You may also find your caches with GPS Tuner. I've used this for my first 5 caches together with TomTom Navigator 5. But keep in mind that a PDA is not well protected outdoors. If it falls on the ground or in water, it might be broken... Therefor I bought a magellan explorist 210, which is a very good starters model and a fair price if you are new. Greets, Hans
  20. Belleman, wie je ook bent, succes met het volbrengen van je taak als approver! Het zal wel een hele verantwoordelijkheid zijn, maar men zal je niet voor niets gekozen hebben! Je zult zeker beschikken over de nodige kwaliteiten. Good luck! Hans
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