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  1. As far as I know you can only have one gmapsupp.img file to be read by the Garmin GPS device. If you want to have more maps you will have to consolidate them to one file. I think you can use IMG2GPS, I use that tool to combine different Topomaps. Maybe you can use it for your purposes too. Have a look. Regards, Hans
  2. Here you find my method for paperless caching with an Ipaq: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...label/paperless might be usefully for you too.
  3. Is it already fixed? It used to show the date when you created the "will attend" instead of the event date...(which was obviously wrong). regards, weedboer
  4. Hi Vince, well I think you overlooked something :-) When you see the list of all your routes, just click on one route you are trying to delete. By clicking the route name, you enter the details of that route. In the middle of the screen you see three buttons: save, delete and cancel. Guess which of the three you can use to get rid of that route? :-) Regards, Hans
  5. Hello, I started with a Ipaq HX4700 and I still use it as backup. Software installed: GPS Tuner 4.2 Bluetooth device: TomTom GPS SirfIII device TomTom is as popular as Garmin in Western-Europe... Other apps to use your gps device are Beelinegps Navio Vito Navigator Odgps ... So normally you should not have problems for connecting your gps with your handheld. And also plenty of sofware out there (free or with a minor fee). regards, Hans
  6. This is really a cake to be jealous for...mmm...hungry ;-) Happy birthday Andy! Regards, Hans
  7. For geocaching? without hesitation: 60csx... regards, Hans
  8. Maybe it is worth thinking about some rating functionality for caches. (as part of the logging process). Greetings, Hans
  9. You can find something similar here: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...abel/everytrail Its called Everytrail. Regards, Hans
  10. No, I still receive mails from Groundspeak. But my host is not hotmail (read: Microsoft...) Subscribe for a google mail account and read all your geocaching mails over there. If that is not good enough, forward the gmail to your hotmail. Maybe that helps you further. Regards, Hans
  11. I 've written an article on my blog related to this topic. Based on the macro of ProsperoDK I made some alterations to customise it to my needs. Maybe it is worth reading this article. Regards, Hans
  12. If this is the first time you use the device, you should calibrate it. Each time when you switch batteries, do this for a better accuracy... Hope this helps! Hans
  13. Sometimes you might not have a WAAS satelite reception, this means that you don't have this accurancy. Then you can switch it off to save battery power, I think. Regards, Hans
  14. I 've noticed that your capslock is active... try again without capslock...
  15. Seems that Google has erased the map functionality for your country... The satelite view still exists. regards, Hans
  16. Try this: save the *.gpx file on your hard drive go the folder in windows explorer right click the file choose menu "open with" choose "choose program..." click "browse" in the new window go to your installation folder of Mapsource (for me it is C:\Garmin\) click on "MapSource.exe" tick the box named "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" (positioned just above the browse button) hit the "ok" button This way you link gpx files to mapsource. Should work... Regards, Hans
  17. It sounds like the poster wants to have the fun of hiding a cache, but does not want to do the "dirty" job by maintaining it... :-)
  18. I 've just tried it and I can confirm Arthurat's solution. regards, Hans
  19. Hi there, you will find a solution in ITNConv: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...rsion-tool.html (a little comment on the blog is more than appreciated!) Regards, Hans
  20. I have some remarks: Why limitations? If you want to place a cache, just do it. Or even bether: do it together. The quality of the cache will rise because you have multiple toughts, ideas, creation, etc... On the other hand, I think a cache should have a limited life cycle, i.e 3 years. After that period the cache owner should renew his/her ambition to keep the quality up to date. When there is no reaction or no intention the cache may be deleted automatically. This way a certain intention is stated to keep the quality high. Anyway, that are my two pennies... Kind Regards, Hans
  21. Hi 1Morbud, See my Blog. I use a 60csx too, with icons and more than 1000 poi's (I have 6.000 geocaching pois loaded). Just what you need, I think. (any positive comment in return is more than appreciated) Regards, Hans
  22. I think that the red arrow directs to the line which is your current direction (heading pointer). The compas itselves tells us that North is now at 04 o clock, which means it is the compass ring which tells you where North is... Or maybe I don't completely understand the question... Regards, Hans
  23. I don't see the additional value of it... Actually I don't want to receive a 'Thank you' mail for each cache I have found, altough it is nice and polite. Until now I count only 85 caches, but what if you have 1.000 or even more...nah... The 'opt-in' feature of the watchlist is more than enough to me. Regards, Hans
  24. Quite simple! Type the following url in your browser: maps.google.com and fill the search field with your coordinates... Regards, Hans
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