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  1. I have heart a lot of good things about Sanyo Enneloop batteries. Anyone has experience with those? regards, Hans
  2. brainstorm a bit with family and friends. What would they like if they would have to search your cache...I am sure you'll get a lot of idea's (maybe more then you can ever work out). Greetings, Hans
  3. Hello, I must say I am not an Apple user, so have no clue at all. But recently the following application came into the light. Might be useful for you...Project Bobcat (GARMIN): http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3885 ..EDIT: I see it is for MAC OSX 10.4 or higher and you have 10.3...so not sure it will work out for you :-s sorry Regards, Hans
  4. At the moment you are the search engine In ten years you are the gps receiver In twenty years you are the cache in a container :-P Greetings, Hans
  5. Hi there, Well, I live in Europe (Belgium) and bought my GPSMap 60CSX in the USA for about USD300, the basemap is US, but you don't want to use that in europe :-) You can buy additional (topo) maps of your region for reasonable prices (which I did) and there exists mounts for bicycles for this type of gps. Therefore I suggest the GPSMAP60CSX... Kind regards, Hans
  6. You might think the following programs are usefull with your gps: Beelinegps: http://www.visualgps.net/BeeLineGPS/ GPSTuner: http://www.gpstuner.com/ NavioGPS: http://www.tinystocks.com/gps.html Those are all comparable PPC gps tools... Regards, Hans
  7. Check out this page: http://www.vanderschot.be/geocaching/googlemaps.aspx Just click somewhere and you'll get the coordinates. Greetings, Hans
  8. Sanyo Eneloop... absolutely! Regards, Hans
  9. Have you tried to install the latest USB drivers for you device? Maybe the webupdater (http://www8.garmin.com/products/webupdater/) can check if your drivers are the latest version... Greetings, Hans
  10. You can also export all your caches to HTML (in GSAK) and copy those files to your PPC. Then just start your mobile internet explorer and surf to your _1index.html file...there you will find an overview. No tools needed... Regards, Hans
  11. The key thing is actually instead people are not printing the information page of a (or many) cache(s). Besides of this they are storing all the information on a electronic device. Mostly a PDA, like a Palm, Pocket PC or Smartphone. Two reason can be: ...Thinking green, geocachers love nature ;-) ...It's practical because you might be caching when ever you want as you always have all information with you. Regards, Hans
  12. Alternatively for cachemate you can search for GPXSonar. The developper has stopped with this application, but you can still download it, for free. => BUT, both programs are not necessary required if you want to cache paperless: you can easily use the PPC internet explorer. Just export your caches (from gsak) to a html... And as said before: gsak with a premium membership of Groundspeak is a must for paperless caching Good luck with your new passion (to be). Regards, Hans
  13. I am using the following method: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...map-60-csx.html It is how you can upload the caches to a gpsmap with hints. (made by ProsperoDK, thanks!) Regards, Hans
  14. That will be your best decision of 2008 good luck with gsak, you will not regret it... regards, hans
  15. I think it is a good idea...the more tasks that can be done by the cache owners (to lead them) the better the quality of a new cache before it is send to a reviewer. For security reasons this can be used only when filling in the new cache form (as a validation which needs to be passed). Regards, Hans
  16. Here you can find the SkyDrive of the author: http://cid-1650b0281518aa1b.skydrive.live....20Source%20code Feel free to take over the C++ code and continue the life of GPXSonar :-) Greetings, Hans
  17. If you have gsak, just export as HTML use your mobile Internet Explorer...for me it works like a charm, you have all information, if necessary you can even add the spoilerpics. greetings, Hans
  18. Or alternatively you can add one card with your address on it. The first visitor also puts a card in the cache with his address on and takes the one which is already in the box. Next visitor makes again an exchange, take a card, put a card (with his address) in, etc... This way all visitors get a postcard from the cacher which has visited the cache after him/her. In addition you should only get people who are willing to put a card in with their home address. And it's only one person who gets your address... So it is something like a chain mail with one mail... Regards, Hans
  19. you can also export from Gsak to HTML and read the files in your windows based PDA internet explorer...if necessary you can even import the spoilers. Regards, Hans
  20. hehe..Actually I 've meant 'of course' like 'naturally'... :-) funny @Naomi, I didn't mean to shoot the TT One for geocaching, but the requestor asked advice :-) Like I 've said I did my first caches with a TT Navigator, with the same issues like no trails etc...I even had no possibility to insert coordinates. But with a little add-on I had found this was perfect on my PDA. So if you are carefull with your device it doesn't matter if it is a handheld garmin or tomtom one. And no, I am not paid :-) only a happy user of garmin gpsmap. Regards, Hans
  21. Hi Kyanos, I also started with TomTom, but with Navigator and found my first 5 caches with it. If you can put in coordinates in your device you can start. BUT... the TT One nor Navigator are ment to be used in the field. They are not really shock- or waterproof and thus very vulnerable. Mostly these device are used to ride to the parking waypoint and from there the outdoor devices will guide us. The devices of Garmin, Magellan (and others) are more designed for outdoor use. But nothing keeps you from trying, off course! Kind Regards, Hans
  22. VS is dutch for "Verenigde Staten", which is in english United States :-) But like all others say and which I can confirm: American devices will work in Belgium. But there might be a disadvantage, because your Legend will not speak dutch. Off course there are things out there which you can use to activate other languages, but that 's on your own risk. In that case, have a look at this (dutch) page: http://garpatch.technid.nl/ Regards, Hans (also from Belgium)
  23. Such texts are very personal, so for some it is a moving text, for others it is nothing more than a poem. But I gladly want to share the one I read on the funeral of my grandfather: (it is translated) === Where will you be? In the secret of the stars We look at it together Or maybe in the song of the wind? And if the spring is in that rare shade, Tar and briefly flourishing as the cherry. Where will you be when we, silent of sorrow, hear your footsteps again and you close the door gently and yet...we don't find you Maybe you have something left, Just a note in a drawer, With a cautious note. That you soon will be, Surrounding on your way, But inviolable from illness and pain. We will, as before, keep calling your name. Just a bit softer, although the silence was rarely so hard. Things are quiet and yet your seat at the table was never so empty. But give a sign, wink or lay a hand on my shoulder, When you are walking together with me. You can never leave us so far that there is no glimpse of you would anymore Because death is not the last. The love is so much stronger. === So, hopefully someone likes it as much as it moves me. Each time I read this text, my grandfather is near me... Regards, Hans Hopefully
  24. @CaKid, you may find the following explanation handy: it's about exporting data to your garmin gpsmap 60csx. http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...map-60-csx.html Kind regards, Hans
  25. an explanation of different types of paperless cachen (i.e. with an Ipaq) is available here: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...label/paperless Regards, Hans
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