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  1. You can check out my blog for paperless caching on PDA. Please remember you'll need Gsak and a premium membership for geocaching. But it is worth the few dollars... Regards, Hans
  2. I absolutely love to go geocaching with my kids. My daughter is 2,5 years now and she loves being outside (and it's healthier than playing with a Playstation or XBox) while sitting a stroller or in the kid's backpack, just like my son (1,5 years)...We always try to make it a family happening. Because of their age I didn't bought a spare gpsr yet, but maybe later, if they are still interested in hiking, I might be thinking about it again. Regards, Hans
  3. I use this method: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...map-60-csx.html Regards, Hans
  4. If you are looking for a geocacher you can use the following link: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=weedboer See my blog for other search plugins for IE7 and Firefox1.5+ Regards, Hans
  5. Jeremy can do this too :-) He did it for my Wherigo cache which was first marked as "unknown", before the Wherigo cache type existed. But... Jeremy is the Master of masters, so he might be busy with more important things...euh Things than changing cache types :-) Regards, Hans
  6. Here is the direct url to the image above (no poker [:-)]): http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/6011/colorado300zz3.jpg I have similar experience with my GPSMAP 60CSX. When I open the battery cover you see the green print plate through hole where the screw must come. On the battery cover there is no rubber so it worries me a bit that water can easily enter the unit through this hole... If necessary I'll upload a picture too. Therefor I don't 'test' my unit a by purpose. Regards, Hans
  7. The cache is currently in development for I think one week... As far as I know there has been a conversation with at reviewer. But I was thinking when you create a cache you see a tick box which needs to be activated if you want the reviewer to see the cache. If not ticked, it is not presented to the reviewer for approval. That's why I think it is strange, no? Regards, Hans
  8. If there are 50.000 premium members who are not complaining, I think the site is not so bad as you say... All search possibilities are available in a few clicks: for example locating 100 caches near Almere, Netherlands takes me exactly 5 clicks and 30 seconds, including receiving the pocket query in my mailbox...But you have to set it up. You are mentioning money too as being an issue: In fact, I think geocaching is a hobby which is very accessible for every budget: For less than $200 for a brand new gps receiver you can start. (even $100 if you search on ebay). If you like it, you can buy additional features: premium membership, support applications (like gsak), more expensive gps receiver, PDA,... you can go as far as you like. So don't make yourself interesting by telling you are the Light and breaking stuff before you know it...That is annoying me more comparing with the quality of the site... Regards, Hans
  9. you can do that with GPXSonar or by means of GSAK (pc application) which can export the details as a set of HTML files. Regards,
  10. Hello, A friend of mine has cache which is not yet published. But the strange thing is that there is already someone who is having it on his watch list. How is this possible?? Actually this ain't fair to all the rest of the community who has to wait until the cache comes live... Thanks for your thoughts. Regards, Hans
  11. Give it a try with BadCopy Pro (http://www.jufsoft.com/badcopy/). I have used a zillion times and always recovered a lot of data. Mostly failing SD cards with digital images, 100% succes on those. Not sure for other file types, but worth a try... Regards, Hans
  12. Technically I think the Etrex H is better when speaking of accurancy, but the 210 is indeed a handy device. Maybe you should agree with your son to change each cache day :-) As it is your son, is it so hard to share the two device between both of you? :-)
  13. Where you placed them (desktop or on a folder) doesn't matter. Double click it and it should open in Google Earth. Regards, Hans
  14. Another good thing you can try is to recalibrate your device... Regards, Hans
  15. I am far from sure something like you want is possible to do...because those maps are not really editable, I think. Regards, Hans
  16. OMG... Aren't you guys getting tired of holding this type of discussions over and over again...? This <edited by moderator> needs his own revolution by not following rules... I am pretty sure he didn't read them when signing up for the member program, but he just tick the box "accept terms and conditions". He needs attention...don't give it, he will rest his case much faster. For fellow geocachers, one advice: if you visit his cache, follow the rules: grab trackables and let them travel. That's what they are meant for. My 2 cent... Regards, weedboer <moderator note: Please remember the guidelines call for respect in these forums>
  17. I use this method: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...geocaching.html Google Earth/Mapsource route creation + gsak. Works fine for me. regards, weedboer
  18. Or use gpxsonar...Development has stopped, but you can still find the installation files. Other alternative: export your caches as html, copy them to your pda and open with pocket internet explorer. (see signature). Regards, Regards, weedboer
  19. Hello Jeremy, Recently I have created a Wherigo cache (the first in belgium). The reviewer told me to select the mystery/puzzle type. Which I did. Unfortunately now it doesn't seems to be possible to change the type of a cache in the edit page. Can a solution be found for changing a cache to a Wherigo-type? Thanks for informing us! Kind Regards, Hans
  20. Maybe you find the light in this blog article that i've written. http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...map-60-csx.html Good luck! Weedboer
  21. This is the way how I do it: - All belgian geocaches are in a gsak database - then I follow this process to find all caches near a route, created in mapsource or google earth: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...geocaching.html Regards, Hans
  22. Last Friday I published the first Belgian Wherigo geocache. The cacher needs to go to a parking zone and from there he's lead to another zone (WP1). If the question on WP1 is answered correctly the coordinates to the stash are shown. BUT: today I 've got a mail from someone who completed this cache successfully, telling me that the cartridge can be opened in a simple notepad or something like that (i use ultraedit) and all normal text, like message boxes and stuff are normal text in the cartridge file... This way it looses all 'secrets' of a puzzle. One can just open it and go straight to the cache... I was very disappointed hearing this. Is there any change that all text is scrambled in the GWC file? Greetings, Hans
  23. Maybe you find your thing at http://www.vistaprint.us Greetings, Hans
  24. Hi there, the developer has stopped the website of gpxsonar because of other priorities. Fortunately he still has the application (and source code) on he skydrive: http://cid-1650b0281518aa1b.skydrive.live....20Source%20code So if there is someone willing to take over the project, feel free to contact him. Besides of Gh0stD4wg, a lot of geocachers will appreciate it, because it is a very usefull application... Regards, Hans
  25. how do you assign the treasure chest to a waypoint if you export from gsak? My geocaches are all under "custom waypoints", but they have all seperate icons (micro, multi, trad, mystery,...) Thanks! Hans
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