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  1. That's quite simple: - log in with username and password - go to your main page - at the right hand side click on "Update home coordinates" (latest link within search options block) - than provide the correct information and save Regards, weedboer
  2. In case you have Mapsource with a routable map (like city navigator), you can use the following method: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...geocaching.html Kind regards, weedboer
  3. Or something like this: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com/ Greetings, weedboer
  4. As you seem to be a GSAK user, you can export them as HTML file and copy those files to your PDA. In case you want to spoiler pictures included you can use Spoilersync in addition to GSAK. View my blog if you need the technical part of it. Regards, weedboer
  5. Just to be sure: Have you ticked the box "Yes, this cache is currently active"? Regards, weedboer
  6. received zero PQs out of five for today... to bad, tomorrow I go on vacation... Regards, weedboer
  7. the honour...and and unactivated geocoin :-) Regards, Hans
  8. Yes, read this article: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...map-60-csx.html it tells you about exporting to garmin gpsmap60csx device. I choose not to export the hint, but it is only a matter of activating a tickbox during the initialisation screen. Regards, Hans
  9. For me it is also the best unit ever used. So far the Colorado series does not work 100% bug free, so I don't see any reason why I should move from gpsmap60csx to any other device. I do paperless caching with a hx4700 ipaq, but I have all waypoints exported from my gsak database to each specific device: tomtom (auto navigation), ipaq (paperless) and garmin gpsmap (geocaching/hiking). Go for it, you will not regret it. Regards, Hans
  10. Maybe you can try ITConv. Read more on my blog. Regards, Hans
  11. If you are not a premium member of geoaching.com you canstill use the button "send to gps". Then the cache is uploaded to your gps device using a usb cable. But ofcourse you can type the coordinates manually in your device as follows: Hit "Mark" Go to the coordinates section and change as necessary. Navigate to the "Save" button and hit "Enter". To find your marked waypoint, hit "Find" 2x and a list of your waypoints will appear, newest first. If you are a premium member, there are also automated ways to upload a lot of waypoints at once (using pocket queries and some software (i.e. gsak)). Hope this helps, Regards,
  12. You should pick a name which you feel comfortable with. If that is your first and last name...so be it. So be who you wanna be Regards, Hans... ooops. Weedboer
  13. you'll be addicted in no time :-) Enjoy it, it's maximum fun. Regards, Hans - Belgium
  14. You could about changing your counter to Statcounter. Extreme good statprovider, free without annoying advertisments
  15. I 've written a blog item on the way I work: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com/ It is using Mapsource and GSAK (arc filter). Maybe it can help you too. Regards, Hans
  16. Muggles are weird creatures who don't know geocaching...
  17. Like said above: you did the right thing (if not: crucifixion upside down is at its place :-))
  18. Sounds like pedocaching :-) Personally, I wouldn't care. To me it is very similar to a projection so I definitely would use my gps device... regards, weedboer
  19. I would not doubt it from the beginning... Just thinking: If you can 'convert' a cache page to a MP3 file format (i.e. a song of 1 second) with additional information in the ID3v2 tags...maybe you can store in there some information like cache name, difficulty, terrain, hint... You can compare this with the method which iPod cachers are using. They store information in the "address book" feature of that device.... Who thinks with me it is possible? Regards, Hans
  20. what is the message you are getting? Is it because a file is corrupted? If so, not much can be done, I guess. Once I could solve a similar problem by first clicking to the *.msi file (in the installation folder) and then on the setup.exe. Regards, Hans
  21. Hi Luis, You might like the tutorial of SMTHNG which you can find here: http://www.smthng.info/Builder/ Regards, Hans
  22. There are many ways to go for paperless caching. As soon as you have not printed anything and carry the cache description electronically with you while you are caching...you have it... 1) download the pdf of a geocache description to your pda and read it with a pocket pdf reader (one by one). 2) download the GPX files and read it with a gpx reader (one by one) 3) use a pc program (like GSAK) which is loaded with geocaches and export it to several types. Advantage? You can do it in bulk: html, gpx,... I use option 3 and update my PDA weekly using GSAK exporting to html (including spoiler images if necessary). Regards, Hans
  23. That is a possibility... BUT you loose all user notes, even those of the active caches. For example: I put my found solution of Mystery caches or other comments in that field. If you than delete your database...everything is lost... Just keep that in mind... Regards, Hans
  24. If you would have another label for night caches, then it should be traditional night cache, multi night cache, puzzle night cache,... this is really not helpful. I would rather stick tho to attribute "recommended at night"... Please note: you can do almost every cache also at night... even if it has no fireflies or something like that. But the experience is almost the same :-) Regards, Hans
  25. Ban .net for security reasons?? I thought it is more secure...
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