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  1. Merci Charlenni. Ended up deleting the entire cartridge and starting from scratch using essentially the same data. In the Emulator, seems to work from start to end. Will attempt tp publish on Wherigo Player site. (Although I have a few there that were uploaded by trial and should be deleted). Merci pour ce service. LW
  2. Hello. File is on its way to info@wfplayer
  3. Hello. I'm working on my first Wherigo using WB. It is on the Wherigo Page as "Touring Maxville". I have six zones A to F. Everything works fine until the last zone. When the player leaves zone E, the photo for zone F is visible, but the text just won't show up. I originally had seven zones, deleted one for a trial run, but same result. Could somebody check my lua to see if there are any mistakes. At first glance, every code sems to match what is found in previous zones.
  4. Greetings. I know there are categories out there for People Memorials and Police Memorials and even Memorial Bridges. Would there be any interest in forming a group/category dedicated to Waymarking Ontario Provincial Police Memorial Bridges? I so, how do I add this new category? How do I recruit new members? I'd like to start this up soon. Please advise me and send me on the right track. Loonwatcher
  5. Loonwatcher: One who spends his cottage time searching, watching, listening to or photographing the great Northern Loon (Gavia immer) in its natural habitat. Hence the geocaching name. Cheers
  6. Greetings. You arright in saying that here is no Apple based GSAK - as far as I know, they are not compatible. To transfer data from my iPad to iGeoknife I simply click on the "send GPX file" from the Geocaching.com page. A window appears if I want to read from Dropbox or iGeoknife. The GC code appears at the top of he lit, click on the newest codes and update them from the button at the botom of the screen. Hope this helps out.
  7. Yes. That was the "artwork" I downloaded. How can I use it now?
  8. I'm guessing you downloaded the artwork that was posted about in this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=288276&st=0&p=5136126entry5136126 B. I'm sure that is it. I downloaded that image to my EC's that were logged that day. I think quite a few of us logged EC's that day. Maybe it was a better turn-out than expected?
  9. Hello. I downloaded the Souvenir for Int'l Earthcache Day 2012 on my iPad. How can I add it to my Souvenir list in my profile page?
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