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  1. This is one of the reasons that I didn't renew my premium membership. This to me was the only benefit as I tried to FTF local caches against an incredibly strong local FTF contingent [East Surrey] Groundspeak seemed to be uninterested in assisting.
  2. Its obviously not my 'shout' to pass this information onto Network Rail. Hopefully TPTB/Reviewers can deal with this. Just seen this .... UNBELIEVABLE !!! is this an example of a Geo virus set to afflict us all ?
  3. It was all too good to be true what with you and little Miss Naughty. -------- Then I read the second Pharagraph ! Oh well it was a nice thought anyway
  4. The guidelines for claiming a climb at mountainclimbing.com may be different. I wouldn't know.But if my name is in that log book, then I can claim a find on a cache listed here. It's really that simple. i'm afraid that you are not caching within the 'spirit and morals' of geocaching. Neither are you complying with the guidelines.I'm afraid that you are mistaken. The bolded bit is incorrect, as it relates to whether an online find is appropriate. Perhaps TPTB should take a closer look at your caches to ensure that they meet the guidelines. This is not 'a couple of years ago.' Caches that met teh guidelines a few years ago do not necessarily meet them today. So your view is what exactly ? as a 'charter' member we really look forward to your constructive comments !!
  5. The guidelines for claiming a climb at mountainclimbing.com may be different. I wouldn't know. But if my name is in that log book, then I can claim a find on a cache listed here. It's really that simple. i'm afraid that you are not caching within the 'spirit and morals' of geocaching. Neither are you complying with the guidelines. The cache owner clearly states the caching criteria and grades the cache accordingly. I have a number of extreme caches set up in the U.K and initially they were logged by those 'holding the torch, holding the rope or being there' ! The only deserving cache loggers are those who either personally made the physical effort to reach and sign the log in situ, or replace it. I now only allow these logs and delete all others. A few years ago one of my caches was logged by a cacher who stated in his log that he was unable to reach the cache. It was a premium member only cache and he had sent his young son up [non member] to get it [father was too rotund] The attempt involved climbing through a narrow opening and then scaling the inside of a chimney 60ft to a ledge then traversing around the exposed edge to reach the cache. I had actually stated on the cache pages and attributes that the cache was unsuitable for children but he still logged the cache ! [which I subsequentely deleted] He was lucky he wasn't reported to the authorities ! Please be in no doubt that caches who do not comply with the owners guidelines should have their logs deleted oh and they should be 'labeled' as trying to cheat the system in owners notes. Happy New Year
  6. It really has to be Sadexplorations 'Snow white and the seven dwarfs' series - Box Hill near Dorking on the North Downs, Brilliant views, great N.T tea shop, and fantastic adjacent caches- the best in U.K i reckon ! Train and bus services frequent and local. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCMJ5N
  7. Great idea. Looked at web site and it seems there may be some Internet Explorer browser problems which need to be fixed for a down load. But will give it a go anyway. Off to Morzine in Feb for some relaxation and maybe will get a chance to beat my GPS indicated top down hill speed of 64.0 mph. Not sure how accurate these units are at measuring speed on a gradient / at altitude however as it felt more like 100mph [when I lost control and fell !]
  8. But are they the same diameter as the film pots ? If they are the 'medical sample' pots they are too narrow, especially when trying to remove logs in cold weather with cold fingers ! Re : the spare box [from an illicit physical cache for those who wish to know] Merstham Maffia say they wish to use it on a forthcoming 5/5 which I eagerly await !!! By the way have you logged your recent escapade I set yet ?
  9. Most cachers place the pots lid up, but is this really the best way to keep the log book dry ? Having come across a number of damp logs in the last few days and wishing to place one myself in an potentially wet place what are your thoughts ?
  10. Quality of caches - This does seem to be the common thread of everyones contributions. When I am visiting a new area for a days caching or even just for half an hour I am presented with a bewildering choice of many different caches and it it sometimes difficult to 'see the wood for the trees' [i'm sure that there is a more appropriate Caching metaphor here] If there was some kind of agreed 'Quality' rating published somewhere then it would make my life a lot easier for my caching descisions to be more selective. Perhaps local members could put forward a shortlist of caches by category [puzzle, nice view, cunning hide, physical /extreme, historical, geographical .......] which they could all agree on . They could do this by discussing and voting at an event or may be at a regional forum site. I am constantly aware that my choice of caches is so often done by 'time it takes to get to the cache' rather than taking the time to review each cache description and qualify my choice.
  11. One of my clients is Her Majesties official [and only] cameraman. He is currentely working with her on the Queens speech. Do you think I should ask him to have a word ?!! Perhaps a request from 'up top' may do the trick - it could even be incorporated in her Christmas Day speech ! Working with him tommorow so any ideas need to be forthcoming asap ! P.S there are other parks in London with caches in them
  12. Car has now changed since topic opened !!! Now an even more environmentally friendly Nissan Micra !!! Dunno why, but most of the cachers around here drive similar -certainly no reason for gas guzzeling 4x4 off roaders on urban roads. I would like to think the same could be the case in other parts of the World - cannot see the point of these agricultural vehicles unless of course you have a justifyable need to go off road. Happy thanks giving Guys !!
  13. [ Yes, but that's because you are centering your text and blocking it out with question marks and smileys. Just post and skip the special effects. If I wanted a lecture on how to write a blog or perhaps how to 'flower it up' a bit I will let you know eh ! May be that's just the way we do things in the U.K that makes our country a Great Britain !!!!!
  14. ???????? Have I missed something ? And I don't understand Rutsons comment either. Should I be dragged outside and shot ? Is it just me ? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  15. It's yours ! e mail me your address and I will post it to you ! All the best Andy
  16. O.K , in this cache [Roamin Bath #2] http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ab-e8afd1e2edba I found a micro coin that subsequently I found was not listed on the system [or on the cache notes obviously] The coin has the number 066 and on one side is a picture of a toddler carrying a huge green bag. The otherside it sais 'I Found It-1of JWID's personal coin' Any ideas ? Cannot log it and not sure what to do with it. Now back home in Surrey Great caches - thanks to you all in Bath for enableing me to have a great couple of days !!!
  17. [ I take your point - Would it have read better if I'd rearranged those first few words to read "I think this is one cache probably as close to a correctly graded 5/5 as we have in the UK... "? I've done a few of the harder graded caches and chose that UnderWorld Bonus cache as an example because of the effort required beforehand in collecting the necessary letters from the various previous UW caches, the solving of the anagram from those letters, the battle with a Vigenere code puzzle, followed by another final crawl into more darkness for an ammo can that was well hidden within. Mind you... a toothpick was not required... so maybe a 4* would have been enough? MrsB Well thought out reply to my very rude contribution - sorry a long day and all that . Yes grading at this level is very subjective. What we really require is a better definition of how to grade/ classify 'Difficulty' 'Terrain' is self explanatory but difficulty could be divided into a number of different classifications in their own right. i.e Mental difficulty - codes/calculations/general or specific knowledge required ... Subjective difficulty [hazards such as insects,falling rocks, radio active / smelly substances Really long walks [not specifically of a steep terrain] See what I mean !!!
  18. Many of yours are multis, and can probably justify the 5* difficulty as well, but I wonder your thoughts Andy on an easy to find box on a cliff? Is it 5*Diff? I get your drift Dave- In this case it probably should not be a 5*diff grade. That said if there are 'other' difficulties involved in gaining access to this luminous 'grab me ' box on a cliff such as stone fall, gas [maybe an underground cliff] other pollution, insects etc then would this not be considered as 'difficulty ' criteria ? This is a different kettle of fish grading at this level which I attempted to address on one of my caches [The Beast 666] where in terms of difficulty it is given a seperate classification along the lines used in rock climbing. Given the high degree of danger [regular falling stones] and the high risk of morbidly injuring ones self this cache is somewhat more serious than many other 5/5 caches. I am considering re grading some of my caches but don't wish upset people who have done them if they go down a notch !! Talk to you at the First Midweek Surrey event /bash eh ?
  19. How do you know ? Have you tried many of them, around the country ? Correctly graded unfortunately means that if you require a toothpick to extract the cache box then this is a grade 5 as 'Specialist Equipment' is required !!!! I confess that I have a number of 5/5 caches and you will require rather more than a toothpick to extract them as Purple Pineapple can vouch for !! I am glad that my caches are not correctly graded in this context !!
  20. Sorry, as Mark and Lynne have suggested, The BMC [british Mountaineering Council] Have a very good scheme which will cover you for extreme activities [ but look at the policy for the detail] Cost : not much in the UK [£30 p.a approx ?] Remember : You have to take responsibility for your own actions - this includes Geocaching activities.
  21. As someone who has placed the odd extreme or two, please consider the following : The Groundspeak disclaimer, and cache description should make abundantly clear to all who attempt caches [irrespective of gradings] that there is a percieved risk in caching. There is also a risk [sometimes considerable] in crossing a road where there is no warning of risk. Do you cross the road or are you still waiting for a Zebra crossing to be built ? If someone decides to attempt a grade 5 terrain cache then they should accept that the difficulty /risk is higher than a grade 1 terrain cache. Further, if the cache attributes further indicate a risk / is a member only cache / has specific mention in the notes of any potential dangers then the geocacher attempting the challenging cache should be in no doubt. As far as insurance is concerned - many insurance companies refer to the use of specialist equipment [look at the small print] obviously if you are doing a cache that requires the use of a rope then this is specialist equipment and if you kill yourself then your life insurance payout to your loved ones is down to you and whether or not you have declared your activity. This is the cachers descision not the cache owners !!! I go mountaineering abroad annually but am not insured and this is at my own risk [i pay for rescue / loss of life cover if I injure / kill myself] In the UK rescue and NHS treatment is free [at the moment] so the the risk of financial loss is restricted. It is your responsibility -Please read the cache notes etc if you are at all in doubt and cache within your abilities. If you want to join the Nanny State then this website may assist : http://www.labour.org.uk/
  22. What a great idea for an extreme cache Will look into this [well with some strong gloves on anyway !] Andy
  23. Only because I put most of them Up !!! -- but no seriously, they are for extreme caches all over the U.K - but there are certainly loads [40% within a hours drive of the South coast Goog luck ! some of us are still waiting for some more to appear Mr Nutter Sir! And you may get some to find yourself soon! Dave Now that does sound like a challenge I shall eagerly await !!! Andy
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