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  1. Thanks for your input . Yes ,As I am also a gardener I am worried about durabilty [guess I would also purchase a waterproof container and/ or insurance] .I was possibly looking at combining the two functions. Using the Garmin for actually finding the cache, but the phone for all the other applications that seem to be around for geo caching [like not having to be glued to a p.c all the time] What do you think ?
  2. I am sure that this subject has been covered before but given the onward march of technology [and the fact that my phone contract is about to run out] I thought it time to give it another run. I don't have the means to upgrade my phone AND Gps [have a crap old phone and a serviceable Garmin Etrex Vista cx. Should I upgrade my phone and stick with my Garmin ? What are the relative advantages of Blackberry / i phone [for geocaching purposes] I am not at all fussed with non geocaching apps and will be using the phone for limited text / calls and e mails. Can you plese help- currentely with 3 and other than their useless customer services they have very good phone coverage. Cheers Andy
  3. I have to say that this is an entirely irresponsible aspiration !
  4. [ Can anyone beat a year? What have you got? A Herculaen Challenge http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f9-ca3dde65765e Last found July 2007 This is a multi in the middle of a park in Reigate, Surrey. All parts still in place so cannot see what the trouble is ?
  5. A deep 'i can see the bone' cut which was caused whilst carrying out maintenance on one of my extreme caches.[Take your punishment Seaman Staines] - an appropriate cache name I feel I cut it on a steel beam over a river and I saw the water go red with all the blood ! At least I now have a permanent reminder of the day by way of a 2 inch scar !
  6. I would say that anyone intentionally trying to grab this number of caches must either be brain dead or trying to raise some money for a worthy charity- in which case good luck to them. Personally , anything more than about 15 caches represents a power trail to me and I avoid them like the plague- especially if they are micros !!
  7. I have loads of sympathy with Pharasee. It was obviously a very unpleasant experience and the lady was out of order with her comments and actions. There is however a 'However' I am a dog owner and of course I let my springer off the lead at all times [when no livestock about] Those who keep their dogs on a lead either a] have not trained their dog yet or b] are being cruel. Dogs need exercise and being kept on a lead will cause frustration . Frustrated / angry dogs will bite ! In your case I believe that the dog was insufficientely trained or the lady was not concentrating on dog control. She should simply give a command and the dog should lay off. My 'However' could be that the dog was 'spooked' by your rather impresive hat ?! My dog get spooked by large hats, guys with beards or other unfamiliar people. I regret also that my dog is racist. He does'nt however then go and bite someone. I think you were very brave getting hold of the dog by the collar. Was it a chiwawa ? In the same way that we all acknowledge that horses may bolt if we drive too close [we slow down] may I suggest you take your hat off, or have a quick shave !!! Hope you are now o.k mate and you should report the lady to the police if you ever get the chance-- they give most dog owners a bad name.
  8. Benchmarks are merely cartogaphic markers used for surveying purposes. They have no bearing at all as to whether they are in the centre of a town or village, The position was chosen by the surveyor usually as it was a convenient spot to carry out surveying i.e good sighting towards other trig points or benchmarks or on a solid [usually stone ] structure on which to mount their tripod and which was 'imovable ' and therfor could be used again in the future for further surveys. conveniently , churches were and ideal site for this. To look for the town centre you may wish to choose the CBD [central business district] where there is a peak in tertiary activities [retailing / offices] or look toward the historic core. Quite often this is obvious as streets often radiate from a central core and there may be a site of an old market / town square. Personally I would look towards the historic core as the centre marker as it's usually of more interest than the precinct !
  9. Perhaps there are some resevoirs nearby with leaking dams to keep the children amused ? !
  10. Seems like you are the highest bidder Steve [and the only one] Would love to take it on board myself but feel that interests may clash with my list of extreme caches ?
  11. Was indeed broken earlier but seems to be working again now Yes indeed it is up and running now ! A very good programme - [not sure about the title though] Covered all areas of Geocaching in the limited time available. Given the amount of hours that Sarah and Ian put into making the half hour documentary it is clear that much of the recorded material must have ended up on the cutting room floor. What they finally came up with was first class with a distinctly BBC style . So far none of my mates have phoned me to say they heard the programme but I get the impression that those who heard about caching for the first time on the programme may well be musing over another British eccentricity [even if it is of U.S origin]
  12. This explains why some programmes never make it to the iPlayer. Basically it's all to do with licensing and rights clearance. [eta] This page gives more and suggests that actually, it's some other hold up and it should be there eventually. The show's iPlayer page does have the 'coming soon' tag... Hello. Pleased to say that the technical gremlins have finally been fixed and the programme is now available on iplayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t2xwm Very sorry for the delay Oh no they have'nt ! Still technical problems according to message on site !
  13. Typical, yesterday as I was preparing to listen ;the clients turned up and I was called away for a meeting so was only able to listen to the last 5 minutes [which was of good quality] This morning -Sat 8.00am still not able to access i player.
  14. Too late now, but it would have been nice to introduce the radio 4 listener to a few 'extremes' That would have been good for radio, you can hear fear can't you ?
  15. This is an easy to find smallish cache in a park in London SE1 [near Tate modern /Elephant and castle] I no longer work from my London office so maintenance visits are difficult. The cache has gone missing from this site and needs replacing. Any one local who would like to take it over ? It is a good hiding place but I suspect a previous cacher was not careful in replacing the box in this busy park. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...00-a40196170121 Evelinas childrens hospital Cheers Andy
  16. I have to say that the F.C attitude to their forestry assets stinks. They have actively carved up vast tracts of stunningly beautiful land and planted row after row of non indigeounous trees and ruined the countryside. - Kielder forest a prime example. The habitat of these areas have been ireversibly affected and the authorities seem to impose these arbitary rules without thought. Near us [surrey] they have closed a forest for months for 'forestry work' and no work has taken place. Sometimes forest fires in these areas actually improve the long tem habitat. - Not of course that I would condone deliberately starting fires ! Rant over
  17. Best to drive to Manchester airport and catch a plane to Gatwick. A 20 minute drive to the North Downs and not only are you in the most picturesque area in Britain but also the 'natural' home of a selection of just about every type of cache that you would ever want to find !
  18. Well they should don't you think ? Those of the 'not in my back yard' cachers should be prepared to lie down on top of their caches and confront the bull dozers . .... Discuss
  19. Both caches l Iook great and I only wish I had the time to go out to find them . Both however fail to meet the criteria for the bookmark listing which disallow any caches involving a walk in, unless of course there is a scary /abnormally demanding challenge at the end !. These would cetainly qualify for Mark and Lynns bookmark list however.
  20. As I have now promoted myself to a Premium member, on top of the savouring the natural kudos achieved I can now also reactivate the above bookmark listing. Celebrations all round ! So if you would like a cache submitted please let me know [subject to conforming to eligability criteria] My apologies to those who have contacted me to add caches in the last year or so, as I have just rejoined could you please re send me the particulars.
  21. [ hope you find them useful? Regards, Martin Useful .... They were brilliant ! Have just spent a day in Bath and the step by step guidance was as good as my Tom Tom. The contours and footpath inclusions so much better than the original Garmin base map. Martin also down loaded European Piste maps for me ... Which were Crap ! the scale and speed of travel renders them useless on the mountain unless for some reason you got lost off piste -say in a white out.
  22. I have just spent the w.e in Bath and whilst the city has some brilliant caches I can't help feeling that the City has a huge potential for some extreme caches, given the number of road, rail and canal bridges and associated archaeogical features. Is there another part of the country that you have visited where you had the same thoughts for any criteria of caches ? [Where the guidelines of course disallow you from placing them due to regional restriction ]
  23. I am not a premium member [yet] but wonder if there is an easy way of opening up a cache page with hints decrypted ? Visiting Bath on Sat and have limited time to sort out my caching day - having to open cache pages twice is a real pain. And yes , I will always use the hints as a first resort !! Help appreciated ta
  24. In passing I thought I would give this cache a go.I tried to place a DNF log for this page but it has been 'locked' and will not be taking any more logs. I just wanted to point out that the cache must have been muggled as all ivy and evidence of a pile of sticks seem to have been stolen ! Not ading this to my bookmark of extreme caches !
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