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  1. Being called a woman is demeaning??? It sucks to be you, eh? Give it up, dear, and let's be nice. The name of the TB has been changed. Nobody ever objected to the word "woman" in this thread. From what I've seen, Kacky seems quite confident and comfortable in her own skin. Thank you dahling.
  2. Are you sure? Digging is a no-no. Choose one that's already hollow or bring in one from home please! (I did the latter)
  3. Oh admit it, you just like to use your troll icons.
  4. Oh, you're a lot of fun. belittle my opinion so you don't have to take it seriously.
  5. How come every time you don't like something, people get to write you off as P.C.? The name is demeaning, period. Shouldn't have happened and there is no reason not to make it right. Our breasts are not for you to name stuff after. It's that kind of attitude that maked it ok to rape native women.
  6. News flash, I think it is about the hunt for the kids, too. Parents are projecting on them the notion that you have to bribe them to get them out there, and that you have somehow hurt their child if your stash items are unworthy.
  7. oooh, I just came up with a new way to spend my lottery money when I win. Buy a mountain and name it that, then build hiking trails on it.
  8. Cachegame. maybe the names were assigned by a `bot. You may want to ask the Jeep people if they think it's ok to perpetuate that negative stereotype. And why not change the name of landmarks?In Maine lots of places with the word "squaw" in the name have been changed. And don't even get me started on "tit". If you want to pick an insulting name for your hillside or whatever, insult yourself. If you must demean others, there are those of us who will stand up and say NO!
  9. You are the one who decides what kind of items are left in a cache. Leave what you would like to find.
  10. Ha! You're getting off easy. You usually can't start a "cache in gay cruising area" thread, without someone calling most of the posters homophobes, and derailing the thread in that direction. Something tells me I shouldn't have typed that. Anyone who makes this thread about gay vs straight is just trying to derail the discussion.
  11. I think we can safely draw the line at public sex.
  12. I agree, and I have done just that, even though it's not my cache and I live 3 hours away. The State Police referred me to the the Maine Department of transportation. If I don't hear from them by next Friday, it goes to the media.
  13. Good luck and make sure you show them how many caches are already placed in the area.
  14. My first placement is a micro and I get great logs on it. There's plenty of spew in Maine but enough good micros to keep us interested. Hey Jeremy, I promise never to belittle you if you ever express an interest in something that does not excite me.
  15. Great Pics, Cabinwood. that cattrike looks like fun!!
  16. You're right, Saxy. I'd like to edit the post but the opportunity seems to have passed.
  17. Got mine today despite my late request. Darn, and I always prided myself on not being a Little Click (sic)
  18. Don't be so sure. The plot revolves around a tied-up woman, the trailer has a woman's shirt being torn open, and the promo materials feature a young woman bent over a backpack frame. I'm having lots of fun with the contest but not holding out too much hope for the movie's success beyond the frat-boy set.
  19. Please laminate the note or you will be adding to the trash!
  20. sniped! What they said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  21. Interesting topic. I've never wanted to hunt and I really hate shopping, so I'm not sure where I fit in with all that.......maybe I really DO want to hunt but my reptilian brain knows on some level that I don't need to be stumbling around in the woods with live ammo or sharp arrows.
  22. And a little more bang for their gasoline buck. Or is that 3 bucks? Hi Karen!
  23. Unit: pssst. Want the hint? Me: I've only been searching for five minutes. I don't need the hint. Unit.: Are you suuuuure? Maybe their waypoint was off. You could be 50 feet away. Me: I'll just search a little longer, thanks. Unit. OK... but it's a really good hint. Me. I don't want the hint. Unit: You're not even close, you know. Why don't you let me tell you the hint. Me: Because I don't need the hint! Unit: -sob- Me: NOW what!? Unit: You want the hint. You just don't want it from ME! I work and work and work for you, talking to four, sometimes five satellites at once and do you appreciate me? NO! You don't even use a tenth of my capacity. Me. -sighhhh- OK. Then tell me the hint. Unit: Well, now I don't want to. Me: AAAUUUUGH! Unit: Dear? Me: What. Unit: Did you waymark the car?
  24. Maine's got its second one, been up for a couple of weeks and people are actually doing it!
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