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  1. I think that'ssuch a rare occurrance that it should just be addressed in your description and people need to pay attention to the description. An attribute would send mixed signals that it's ok to place a cache that could get flooded out. Of course, if it is flood season, you could up the difficulty of the cache so that people would know they might need a dinghy to get to the dry land that the cache is on!
  2. It's bad for business to keep prices so low that every whiner will have access to the services. It's not like they'll appreciate the good deal you're giving.
  3. Since this mom is on a budget, she should not worry about the legend. Just go for the sinple Garmin that is yellow. You can sometimes find a decent one on Ebay. A friend recently picked one up, new in the package, for less than 50 dollars.
  4. Coming from the Pine Tree State (Maine) 25 feet in a pine woods is not that bad. Just log that yourGPS was 25 feet off because of the tree cover. I did one in a deep woods in New Hampshire that was 60 feet off, no doubt because the hider couldn't get a good lock and then the seeker can't get a good lock on top of that.
  5. Well, I AM impressed, and if you need to charge us a few bucks more, that's ok by me.
  6. Thanks to all who emailed about this. I was not paying attention. In the US, when someone gets hurt, their friends and family must swing into fundraising mode because even if they have bought insurance, many things are not covered. So I am happy the BT is free to concentrate on recovery, as difficult as it will be. This will be a full time job for the whole family, and not one they applied for!
  7. Is anyone planning a fundraiser to help with expenses? I would like to contribute.
  8. I call it "GPS HUNTING" and people seem to understand what that means.
  9. Since the above info is 3 years old, the link is outdated. I found a newer one HERE
  10. "Oh, you getting ready to do some gardening? Listen, before you dig in, could you direct me while I back my boat into the water?" "Are you a city arborist, or do you work for the University? Why do you need to do all this construction?" (In a gay cruising area) "You're new here, aren't ya."
  11. I had to laugh when I read that. It's a great way to gauge the difficulty, especially when hiders all have their own opinion of how difficult it's going to be. Some of them rate themselves too low.
  12. Bad CRC, I think you will come to the dark side eventually! I routinely download 100 or 500 caches just to hunt for maybe three, in the same amount of time it takes to download and print just one. It's paid off a couple of times because we'll show up someplace and find the trail too crowded, or realize it's not the hike my Faithful Sherpa was hoping for, so we'll just hit the next closest on the GPS and then go find the description in the Palm Pilot. But I still spend WAY too much time and gas driving around trying to figure out where I'm supposed to start from! That's why I need some kind of portable street mapping utility. No way am I going to enlarge and print 100 maps before starting out. Even if the name of the street is in the description, if I am away from home I sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to get there. One of my trips was to Minnesota, before I had the PDA, and I was disappointed a couple of times by caches that had gone missing, or were in wierd spots that I couldn't figure out how to get to, and had to find a library to pick out a Plan B.
  13. Walruz, I would like to try this. I think I have downloaded and installed all the software. Would you have time to explain how to get cachemate to export palm listings into the address book, and then how to display them? I'm using a Tungsten E.
  14. The urbans are sometimes rated higher and more sneaky to find. Can you find a happy medium, maybe a 1 difficulty on a 1 terrain, 500 feet or less from the car?
  15. Kacky

    Server down?

    Ahhh, my evil plot to stop haffy from being FTF is working like magic.
  16. Hey what the heck, if you're going to be playing with lamppost skirts anyway, might as well give ya a reason!
  17. That doesn't sound like much fun. I think I'd draw the line there - I really want to handle the coin.
  18. I would have thought it was "Lasagna Log." Like maybe our friend Lasagna was president of it or something.
  19. As a news reporter myself, I find that readers (or listeners in my case) had rather hear it from their neighbors. So my advice to you would be to use our comments as starting points for what questions to ask the locals. Anyway, I do it because I am basically a nosey person. Now that I have learned that all these things are hidden all around me, I can't resist going out and seeing every single one of them! Along the way, I have learned other things about myself which will make it impossible to give up this obsession: 1. discovering hiking trails I didn't know about; 2. opportunity to help by cleaning up trails; 3. cameraderie; 4. I am an icon ho. Now, if you wanted material for a sitcom, my boss at the radio station, bless his pointy little head, is not an overly intelligent man, and he is stubborn to boot. He has latched onto "geocash" and nothing I say or write will divorce him of the notion that it's all about money! When I did my feature for the radio station, he threw out the intro I had written for him, and instead said something about finding money! I've taken him to 2 caches to show him there's no money, but he read somewhere about a cache with money in it. He's just dyslexic enough that in his excitement, he can't see it's CACHE.
  20. I almost always discover, but I was afraid not to log the GJTB. I know the discover function was created to stop logging in & out of the same cache, but not sure why that's a problem in the first place.
  21. It's especially handy for certain coins like admin bricks. The person who receives one of those is never going to leave it in a cache because it has special meaning. But they will show it to a few special friends, so discovering one is kind of a status symbol. I take umbrage at the term "numbers whore". I, sir, am an ICON whore. There are caches I visit often because of their location, or because it's a TB hostel or a geo-post office. It's not really fair for me to grab every coin in there every time I go, but I was there fair & square, I did the hike or the drive or whichever, so I feel like the icon is appropriate.
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