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  1. DUH thank you. I live in Maine and was caching in New York recently. It's about 500 miles. When I got back home I re-oriented the GPS and then took it inside to load new caches close to my home. Indoors, the GPS must still have been looking in New York evn though I showed it the satellites from here. I took it outside this morning and hit "find" again, and just as you suggested, the caches are all there after all. I didn't think to look for them by name when I was struggling with it inside.

  2. It doesn't bode well that I can't find this question anywhere. I tried to load a PQ and got a message that the unit was full. So I deleted all waypoints and downloaded again, looked at the unit - empty. I've loaded them through a PQ in GSAK, a page at a time with easyGPS, and one at a time from a cache page. Tried it on a Windows XP and a Vista machine. Every time, I get a success message, but the unit is empty.

  3. You might not be too happy with the battery life on those car GPS units - mine takes lat & long co-ordinates but the battery is only 4 hours. Plus it would be uncomfortable to carry, and I've had a couple of situations where I put my map60 down on a mossy branch or the wet ground - definitely wouldn't do that with the nuvi. I suspect if you dropped the nuvi, it wouldn't survive too well, but the handhelds can take quite a bit.


    editing to add: if price is an issue, get a rebuilt yellow Etrex for about $40.00 Ebay, and then to go paperless, combine it with a $99.00 Acer mini laptop from Radio Shack or Wal Mart. Run pocket queries, use GSAK to compile it and to load co-ords into the GPSr, then pop the laptop into your backpack so you can check hints and other details while out on the trail.

  4. I have a Garmin Map 60cx. All of a sudden I can't load the waypoints from my PQ. I tried it all different ways - thru GSAK, thru EasyGPS, from the preview page. Each time it looks like the transfer goes thru, but when I look for waypoints or geocaches on the unit, nothing's there.


    oops. Never mind. I'm sleep deprived. I'm packing to go to Florida (from Maine) When I searched by city, I found that the caches are there. Maybe it wouldn't show me under "find waypoints" because I'm not near there yet?

  5. Guys, don't be snarky. When you're new and you think you're about to see your first cool coin that someone went to the trouble of commissioning, it's a big disappointment to get there and find something else. I felt the same way when I thought I was going to find my first travel bug, and got there to learn that it had been stolen.

  6. Unfortunately the worst offenders think they are doing everyone a favor. That said, my Aunt, who gives a lot of money to charities, gets a lot of little items in her junk mail, and she saves ebverything for me because some of it is pretty good swag. If it's borderline, like a guardian angel coin, I leave it, but anything that looks like you're trying to "spread the good news" or assumes there is "one true religion", I keep that stuff away.

  7. Just resurrecting this thread to let you know I received one as a gift tonight. (Team MoxiePup has a WICKED sense of humor!) It's a memento of a rather unpleasant experience from last year. Actually I was one of a long string of people to get stung that day, but being the only one to actually fall onto the hornet nest, I had the dubious distinction of taking away the most stings. But we found the cache! :rolleyes: Beautiful coin, thanks for doing it!


    What about putting a note on the cache container, on the logbook, somewhere? Couldn't that help? Something like:

    Please Replace this cache EXACTLY where you found it. If it doesn't seem right, drop the owner a private message.

    Seems to me that people might remember easier with it right there.


    Not that we should have to remind them, though. Should be common sense.

    I'm suggesting we go a step further and say where & how we mean.

  9. while searching for a new cache site to hide came upon a complete deer skeleton and ended up making a multi-cache named Boneyard GCYJYV and incorporated some of the bones as part of the cache. Last week while on a cache we found a dead bird with no head on it, still had feathers & everything but no head?! :(


    Ozzy Osbourne's a geocacher?

  10. ...

    I put on the cache page TWICE that the cache should be put back where you found it. Does it do any good? Nope! You'd think people could read...



    I have one where I took it a step further and wrote what the placement should be, because people were leaving a 3 difficulty hide out in plain view. Everyone since then has followed the instructions - so I would say cut people some slack and spell it out for them. I think they're just too excited to remember where it was.


    PS - enjoyed your interview on the Slaga podcast!

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