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  1. A Tb i had recently picked up started last year and had traveled 3337 miles and i was only the FIFTH person to find it. it was because someone had logged it as taken to over 200 caches but he eventually let go of it. :rolleyes:

  2. Hi I went to disneyworld in Florida when i was 4 years old and collected some trading pins. This one is one that i dont really like so im putting it on a journey to travel to all the disney worlds and lands. And for it to take a picture of it infront of the big castle in the disney land/world.


    Pls tell me if this is a good idea or not. :blink: :blink:

  3. Hey yeh sorry forgot to add the location. It is currently in Kalamunda which is in western australia. The cache it is in is called pod cache which is one of mine :huh: The travel bug name is Mr Cricket

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