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  1. KC0QNB, Gothenburg, NE USA, I will activate a state park at our annual Geocaching picnic in September
  2. rt83021

    HF net

    In looking through some of the posts here, there are some that really old. Wake up amateur operators! I am wondering if there is a nationwide (US) or international net on HF that is already in place, or should there be one?
  3. great it works now, as best as I can figure it was a simple syntax error.
  4. It didn't work I will see if I can figure out what I am doing wrong.
  5. I tried that, maybe it was a board issue, will try again.
  6. I have been on various forums for years, and have never had any problems posting pictures (yes linked pictures already online)until tonight. I tried a jpg, I tried a gif, but I keep getting the error you can't post that image format on this forum. I tried the BBS code, nope, I tried a direct link, nope. So tell me what format can we post on this forum and how is it supposed to be done?
  7. Found what I did wrong, with my image, so here is one I found in 2012
  8. Could work, I haven't done a Wherigo yet, so I don't know how to make it happen.
  9. They still do around here, I met a fellow ham at a hamfest, that also was a geocacher. I met up with her again at a geocaching picnic.
  10. Me also and it was new not a refurb, now I just need to learn some tricks.
  11. Been a ham for 10 years, been geocaching about as long. Went up to Victoria Springs State Park (Nebraska)to celebrate, at the same place I tested, and passed. 73-KC0QNB
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